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Mobile Hi Tech Care

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Mobile Hi Tech Care

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Mobile Hi Tech Care The world of technology intersects with the world of quality patient care with S&S MedCart’s family of Hi Tech Mobile Computing Carts. From Computers on Wheels to Point of Care Carts, S&S provides a cart to fit the needs of both your Information Technology and Patient Care staff, with cost effective solutions to fit the needs of your facilities, big or small. With the addition of optional bar code scanning equipment, the S&S Mobile Cart becomes a complete unit for recording patient information, dispensing medication, and recording real time data for patient care and your...

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SIdeKick/SideKick Laptop The Cart • 9 - 5.5” 0r 6- 8.25” individually locking drawers • 5” lockable casters for smooth and quiet movement • Motorized height adjustment controls • Large easy to clean work surface • ICLS Drawer Control and Audit Software • Remote access control of the cart • Downloadable HTML-based reports Optional Computer System • Windows Operating System • Optional built in wireless network • 17” high resolution monitor • Optional Barcode or Magscanner • 3” or 6” locking drawer PRN-15 Point of Care (POC) • Secure digital access LCD touch panel • Multi-level administrative...

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Silent Partner® The Silent Partner® lets you track access to each cart, helping you meet federal, state, and local requirements for con- trolled access and accountability for dispensing of patient medications and narcotics. With over 500 unique and individual user IDs available at your fingertips, each cart records when the cart was accessed and by whom. Optional software allows this information to be downloaded to any Windows compatible PC. Multilevel access includes settings for administrators, pharmacists, nurses and other patient level staff. You control all the aspects of access for...

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