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Righton Remote Vision - 1

. Auto Optester Remote Vision Total Refraction by Remote Control

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Righton Remote Vision - 2

All Operations Are Remote Controllable W illi its wider coverage area the new remote control >M.i" gives operators greater flexibility in the easily check patient (xtsition and point to the chart during Wireless Direct Data Simply aim the Retinomax toward the Remote Vision, press the Print wirelessly to tin1 main unit. The Remote Visum printer can also he used indi'pendetilly with the Retinomax. (Note; only refraction data is transferred with the K-plus.) Three Programs for Efficient Operation The Remote Vision system contains three preset programs which can also be customized for a) Single...

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Righton Remote Vision - 3

Large LED Display and Super-Thin Viewing Window Quick, Manual Cross Cylinder and Auto Cross Cylinder Conventional cross cylinder tests can IH* accomplished faster than ever before. During auto cross cylinder tests, the center LED window indicates in which direction the dial should I*- toned. on both sides help All lens data are clearly visible on the large LED display for instant recognition (approx. 2.75 limes greater than previous models; 11mm x 8mm). The extra thin viewing windows gives a 3G degree field of view, allowing patients to see charts clearly without accommodation. Easy-to-See...

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Righton Remote Vision - 4

Main body ■tcnuite control ItcmoU-(onirol Panels Selectable by (.'hart Projector* (SttiRle/Muhiple.lCiirope HSiiellen& NumlHT/Niiitilier etc. i M<-AMir\Hmil r.iii;'. spherical power Cylindrical power Crow* cylinder -WOOD SS.r/2 S. (auxiliary lint) 1 rttLTSD With prism, auto crowt cylinder. Ventral Maddox BarinM Heonoa PolanaBM nitt-f Green filter I'indole diameter 1 _'inin Tiiniina Irmnnl 4U0mm iilie.nl 8.0ICR (17.0 lbs. t I Ketfular) ' T.Wtg (' irrman) "llUliil Ii MHiiiiariuiiT 2 LKIN rutfrann. Aulo refract omeirr. Auto i* i ■>]>!< .>l). 1 munilo wnti .iik.iin-■ Kithpronef f r.TVmliiOUwt)...

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