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DNA Amplification Kit - 1

SAS™ Loopamp® DNA Amplification Kit • LAMP technology can be applied in various fields A link to a free web-based primer designing tool can be found on the SA Scientific website - www.sascientific.com. By designing your own primers, you can apply the LAMP technology in any field, targeting any DNA or RNA template. A list of literature regarding LAMP applications can be accessed through a link on the SA Scientific website. Highly sensitive and specific Amplification and detection in 60 minutes in a single tube Automated real-time detection and data management High volume throughput capacity - 32 samples per hour, including controls • Simple and rapid amplification The LAMP DNA amplification requires only the addition of a sample to a tube containing a mixture of primers, buffer and Bst DNA polymerase. The reaction is then incubated at a constant temperature of 60 to 65°C, and is usually completed within one hour. • Methods of detection The LAMP amplification results can be monitored in real-time using the cost-effective Loopamp® Realtime Turbid

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DNA Amplification Kit - 2

SAS™ Loopamp® DNA Amplification Kit Kit Contents 2X Reaction Mix Bst DNA Polymerase Distilled Water Primer Mix. DNA* Positive Control DNA* x 1 tube x 1 tube x 1 tube x 1 tube x 1 tube x 2 tubes x 2 tubes x 2 tubes - x 4 tubes x 4 tubes x 2 tubes - *Positive Control DNA and Primer Mix. DNA are not included in the 96-test and 192-test packages Related Products • Loopamp® Reaction Tubes • Loopamp® Turbidimeters Specifically for LAMP amplification and detection in turbidimeter For the real-time detection of turbidity produced by the LAMP reaction Ordering Information Description 48 tests...

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