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Features of LA-500 • Two heat blocks, each holding eight samples, can be set individually with different temperature and reaction time, allowing up to two different tests to be performed at the same time. • Up to 16 samples can be amplified and monitored every six seconds simultaneously. • The heated lid of the turbidimeter prevents samples from forming condensation on the tube cover during the reaction. • As with other real-time amplification LA-500 methods, the isothermal amplification For use with any SAS™ reaction positive reporting time is related Molecular Test kit to the initial copies of the template. With Isothermal Amplification the reporting function of the Realtime Turbidimeter and a set of standard avoids multiple template samples, the amplification can temperature cycles be used to quantify the template in the Realtime results in less than samples. an hour • The LA-500 turbidimeter is user- friendly and very simple to operate. High volume throughput • Has a Built-in printer; no software capacity - up to 96 samples or computer needed. per hour, including controls Reliable Diagnostic Tests

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Amplification Reaction and Detection Principle The LA-500 Realtime Turbidimeter (LA-500) controls the reaction temperature and time for the reaction. The four reaction blocks can be individually controlled. Its optical system detects the white turbidity cause by the amplification by-product (magnesium pyrophosphate) every six seconds. The software records and reports the result in real-time. At the end of the reaction, the reaction blocks are programmed to heat and inactivate the enzyme to stop the reaction. Test Procedure Samples DNA/RNA Extraction Reaction tubes Available Tests Food...

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