West Nile Virus Primer Set


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West Nile Virus Primer Set - 1

SAS™ Loopamp® West Nile Virus Primer Set • Rapid and specific detection of West Nile Virus in environmental samples Any verified laboratory method or commercial purification kits could be used to extract RNA from a variety of samples. The Loopamp® West Nile Virus Set used with the Loopamp® RNA Amplification Kit (sold Rapid and specific separately) targets the envelope (env) gene of the genomic RNA. By detection in 35 minutes using four primers to recognize six distinct regions in the gene, this For use with Loopamp® test is highly specific. Due to the high amplification efficiency of LAMP, the results are achieved in 35 minutes. RNA Amplification Kit Automated real-time detection and data management High-volume throughput capacity - 32 samples per hour, including controls • Reverse transcription, amplification and detection in one single-tube with real-time results In order to detect West Nile Virus using the LAMP method, the reverse-transcription and the cDNA amplification reactions are performed simultaneously in the same tube at 63°C. There is no extra step for cDNA synthesis. Reverse-transcription, amplification, and real-time detection are achieved in one step with Loopamp® Realtime Turbidimeters. Since electrophoresis is not required, the whole process is completed within one reaction tube, which greatly reduces the possibility of cross-contamination frequently associated with nucleic acid amplification tech

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West Nile Virus Primer Set - 2

Loopamp® West Nile Virus Primer Set Purify RNA using a commercially available viral RNA Preparing the master mix for 1 test Distilled Water Dispense 20 uL of Master Mix into each reaction tube Reaction tubes Place tubes in turbidimeter at 63°C and start program Read real-time results Loopamp® is a registered trademark of Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd. 4919 Golden Quail, San Antonio, Texas 78240 U.S.A.

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