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Saebo Rehabilitating Lives. Empowering Individuals. No Plateau In Sight ®

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The SaeboFlex® and SaeboReach® allow patients to immediately begin using their arm and hand in therapy and at home. SaeboFlex ® Saebo’s functional dynamic orthoses are specifically designed for individuals suffering from a neurological injury such as a stroke, head injury and incomplete spinal cord injury. Benefits Include: • aintains the patient’s involved arm and M hand in a functional position. • ffers a dynamic component that assists O with thumb and finger extension so grasp and release tasks can be accomplished. • ffers a dynamic elbow extension system to O facilitate functional...

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Inpatient Program and Kit Saebo now offers a complete treatment program designed to allow patients to begin incorporating their hand functionally in the critical days and weeks immediately following their injury. Recent research indicates that clinically meaningful and long-lasting effects on motor function can be achieved when patients suffering from neurological injuries, such as stroke, receive repetitive arm training during the acute phase. Program Benefits: Deliver the very latest in neurological rehabilitation technology to the patients who can most benefit from treatment. Maximize...

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Evaluation and Treatment Kit Revolutionize your Neuro-Rehab Program with Saebo. Saebo now offers a complete evaluation and treatment kit designed to allow patients to incorporate their hand functionally in therapy, thereby forging new pathways in the brain. Saebo’s pioneering treatment protocols are based on the latest research documenting the brain’s remarkable ability to “re-program” itself following injury. Benefits: Determine whether patients are a good candidate for the Saebo program. Give patients the ability to “test-drive” the SaeboFlex®, SaeboReach® and the SaeboStretch®. Provide...

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SaeboMAS (Patent pending) The SaeboMAS dynamic mobile arm support system is a zero gravity upper extremity device specifically designed to facilitate and challenge, the weakened shoulder and elbow during functional tasks and exercise drills. Patients suffering from neurological and orthopedic conditions and who exhibit proximal weakness can benefit from the much needed support and facilitation. Performing exercise drills with minimal compensation, as well as self-care tasks like eating or drinking, are just a few of the activities patients will be able to achieve with the SaeboMAS....

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SaeboStretch® What is the SaeboStretch®? The SaeboStretch® is a revolutionary, award-winning dynamic hand splint for individuals suffering from neurological injuries such as stroke. The splint helps to prevent joint damage while improving and maintaining range of motion. Positions the Hand: The SaeboStretch® provides maximum positioning utilizing the following: Proprietary dynamic hand piece that comes in three varying grades of resistance to better match your patient’s specific needs. Proprietary strapping system that utilizes key anatomical points of control to maximize control and insure...

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Protects the Joints: Traditional splints are made from hard/rigid material that do not allow for any movement of the fingers. The SaeboStretch® has a unique dynamic hand piece that allows the fingers to move through flexion caused by postural changes, associated reactions and increased tone. The same stretch technology then gradually repositions the fingers into extension. The SaeboStretch® includes three different hand pieces that offer various grades of resistance so you can further match your patient’s specific needs. “It really is the most comfortable hand splint I’ve ever worn. Had the...

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Saebo’s Gross Motor Equipment can be used in conjunction with the Saebo Orthoses, allowing patients to perform highly repetitive tasks that are challenging and progressive. Height Adjustable Target (H.A.T.) This fully adjustable device can be used to target specific muscle groups for strengthening. It can also be used for combined movements designed to facilitate multiple degrees of freedom throughout the upper extremity. Therapists can manipulate this versatile piece of equipment to progressively challenge individuals at all levels of upper extremity recovery. It has a 7” ball at one end...

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The Multi-Purpose Exercise Device Two work stations in one. The Ring Tree activity focuses on proximal strengthening at the shoulder, while the Pronation-Supination activity works on distal mobility and strengthening of the forearm. The two activities facilitate upper extremity mobility on stability. Ring Tree Pronation / Supination Station Four Tier Ball Activity This great introductory piece of equipment is designed for individuals with little shoulder and elbow movement. It can be used as a unit or the tubes can be easily removed and used separately to facilitate progression and...

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The Five-Ball Peg Activity Designed as a higher-level activity, it can be used when grip strength and proximal stability improve. The two bases can be positioned at different locations to facilitate trunk elongation and rotation, weight shift, and at different heights to facilitate weight bearing through the lower extremity. This piece of equipment is extremely challenging when used in combination with the Height Adjustable Target. “The SaeboFlex® is just a huge, unbelievable blessing to me! Immediately, after 19 years post stroke, I could squeeze and release with my right hand! ... Because...

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Where to Find Us: Saebo Products are now offered at over 1,500 of the nation’s leading hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Call us for a location near you. • 1.888.284.5433 • Try it for Free: Insurance Coverage: Call us to see if you qualify for our free trial program. Saebo products and training programs are covered by most insurance plans. Call us for details. Watch Patient Videos: isit our website V and click on the YouTube Link. Award-Winning Technology: 2008 Most Valuable Product -Therapy Times 2002 Maddak Award - OTA Annual A Conference HOW TO ORDER To learn more on...

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