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EPI-Detection® - 2

EPI-Detection® EPI-Detection® is a medical device to detect the epidural space by monitoring the negative pressure of epidural space. EPI-Detection® is used to find the epidural space accurately and support for safer procedure. EPI-Detection® is the top-tier pain management solution. Body It has a digital pressure sensor to detect negative pressure of the epidural space. It also has an LED that signal the physician- Plug Epidural needle connection whether or not to detect the epidural space. Green: Ready Blue: Detect Luer lock After detecting the epidural space, remove the rear Luer Power...

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EPI-Detection® - 3

New innovation Until now, Loss of Resistance Technique(LOR) has been the golden standard for detecting epidural space. However, there have been some complications with LOR. EPI-Detection® was designed to avoid these complications – epidural hematoma, post dural puncture headache, cord injury and transient loss of consciousness, quadriparesis – and to enhance the safety and accuracy of the procedure. Pressure sensor with digit signal, then display on LED Needle encounters the epidural space Perceives negative pressure with a presetpressure threshold Alarms with light change New technology to...

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EPI-Detection® - 4

Self test / Reset: Connect syringe to EPI, then pull out the piston of syringe, and check the alarm color changed. And press the button to reset. Remove inner stylet from the epidural needle. Insert the epidural needle in the mid-line. Connect the EPI to the epidural needle and then push the power button to turn on the device. Ready: LED light (Green) ※Make sure the luer-lock value is locked tightly When the epidural needle reaches the epidural space the LED light turns to Blue. After removing the rear luer-lock of the connecting pipe, inject treatment medicine or catheter. Applications...

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EPI-Detection® - 5

FEATURES External Dimension Green-Ready Blue-Detection ABS Connecting Pipe: HDPE Total Cycle Power Consumption Use-by Date 2 years (Single use only) To learn more about EPI-Detection, visit Trademark Design Registration Registered: 2(Korea, Australia) Applied: 34 (USA, EU(28), China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand) Registered: 2 (Korea, Japan) Applied: 30(USA, EU(28), China) Registered: 2 (Korea)

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EPI-Detection® - 6

Head Office #102-1406, 36, Bucheon-ro 198 Beon-gil, Bucheon-si Gyeonggi-do, 14557, Republic of Korea Factory #102-1505, 36, Bucheon-ro 198 Beon-gil, Bucheon-si Gyeonggi-do, 14557, Republic of Korea TEL +82-32-661-0804 FAX +82-32-661-0805 E-mail marketing@saeum.net Website www.saeummeditec.com

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