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TECHNOLOGICAL LEADER IN SPECTROSCOPY SINCE 1952 ...YOUR ANALYSIS DESERVE OUR PERFORMANCES Atomic Absorption and Emission Spectrophotometer AAS SAFAS AA170: HIGH QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE, EXCEPTIONAL COST EFFECTIVENESS with automatic gas control and double background correction The AAS ( Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer ) SAFAS AA170 features very high sensitivity, and reputed ruggness; it is fitted with automatic gas control and a double background correction (high energy deuterium lamp system, and variable giant pulse system). The turret for 3 prealigned Hollow Cathode Lamps is also fitted with pre-heating, and individual pre-centering of the lamps. An easy-to-use software on a large backlit blue LCD display enables to create methods, reports, build calibration curves, and store hundreds of methods. AN AA SPECTROPHOTOMETER, RUGGED AND RELIABLE, WITH OUTSTANDING SENSITIVITY AND LOW COST SAFAS Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer AA170 has a very high sensitivity, with very low maintenance needs and ownership costs. Fitted with a linear optical system with reduced number of reflections, it will bring to your lab excellent sensitivity and reproducibility, particularly on the elements whose peaks are located in the UV. EXCELLENCE IN OPTICS AND MECHANICS The combination of the linear optical design, of the single-mirror high aperture EBERT mount monochromator, and of the micrometric screw driven grating, bring excellent linearity, reproducibility and energy. The AA170 AAS has a spectral range from 190 to 900nm; with a particularly high sensitivity at the most difficult wavelengths. Three bandwidths are available to the users: 0.2nm, 0.7nm and 2nm. A turret for 3 lamps, with individual pre-alignment and preheating, enables to promptly switch from one element to another. A DOUBLE BACKGROUND CORRECTOR A double background corrector (with deuterium lamp and Variable Giant Pulse) enables to correct the continuous backgrounds as well as the complex ones, in the UV range as well as in the visible, and with a very high energy thanks to its high energy system.

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AN AUTOMATIC GAS CONTROL The gas are automatically controlled by the built-in computer, also allowing easy and secure switch from air to nitrous oxide, as well as the switch on and off. MANY ACCESSORIES AND OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE An external sampler is optionally available, as well as many accessories: Hollow Cathode Lamps, Standard solutions, Nitrous Oxide burner, stainless steel exhaust device, oil free air compressor, pressure regulators, etc... A BUILT IN COMPUTER FITTED WITH A POWERFUL AND EASY-TO-USE SOFTWARE The embedded software enables to easily achieve all the classical...

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