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TECHNOLOGICAL LEADER IN SPECTROSCOPY SINCE 1952 ...YOUR ANALYSIS DESERVE OUR PERFORMANCES SAFAS D.E.S.: VERY high performances double-beam spectrophotometer, for on-purpose applications SAFAS D.E.S. spectrophotometer: the edge in high level spectroscopy. SAFAS D.E.S. DOUBLE BEAM SPECTROPHOTOMETERS: ... the edge in high level spectroscopy. D.E.S. spectrophotometer was initially designed for extremely high sensitivity trace detection for radioactive elements in nuclear field. It has become a reference in spectroscopy, thanks to unparallelled sensitivity, optical quality and unique reliability. If you have tried all the other instruments on the market, and that no one has enough sensitivity, or room to receive your accessories, or energy for your applications, then the D.E.S. is certainly the spectrophotometer which you need. Here are some of its specifications: wavelength range continuously variable from 0.2 to 20 nm wavelength speed kinetics speed exceptional on traces, and difficult samples Optional double beam fiber optic device for high sensitivity in-situ measurement of radioactive and toxic samples. with... powerful, easy-to-use software! ... and much more! Please contact us for further information.

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SAFAS - MANUFACTURER OF SPECTROPHOTOMETERS (UV, VISIBLE, ATOMIC ABSORPTION, INFRA-RED, FLUORESCENCE), SPECTROFLUOROMETERS, LUMINOMETERS, MULTIDETECTION MICROPLATE READERS, ELISA, ANALYZERS SAFAS Monaco - Société Anonyme de Fabrication d’Appareillages Scientifiques Head Offices : 10, quai Antoine 1er - MC 98000 Monaco Deliveries and pick-up : 9, avenue de la Quarantaine - MC 98000 Monaco Phone : +377 99 99 52 52 - Fax : +377 99 99 52 50 Customer service : +377 99 99 52 52 | eMail: © 2007-2015 SAFAS - All rights reserv

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