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TECHNOLOGICAL LEADER IN SPECTROSCOPY SINCE 1952 ...YOUR ANALYSIS DESERVE OUR PERFORMANCES SAFAS EASYSPEC: THE Quality Near UV-Visible spectrophotometer, with EBERT mount monochromator SAFAS Easyspec is a Quality Near UV-Visible spectrophotometer, with Ebert mount monochromator. EASYSPEC: AFFORDABLE EXCELLENCE IN SPECTROSCOPY Like high level spectrophotometers, and contrary to the cheap mounts generally found on instruments of the same category, Easyspec series are fitted with EBERT mount monochromators and quality optics, exclusively mounted on metallic holders (no plastic!). They consequently have a high accuracy, thanks to a very low straylight : <0.05% at 340nm, but overall <0.5% from 320 to 340nm, thus avoiding the big measurement errors involved by higher straylight levels. And because long term reliability is as important as performances, Easyspec series are fitted with sealed optics, and NO chopper, so as to avoid an expensiveto-change wearing part. They have a narrow bandwidth of 5nm (2nm optional), an accuracy of +/-1nm and a repeatability of +/-0.15nm, which make them fit your most demanding requirements. Using cuvettes of different pathlengths and/or tubes generally require laborious dismantlings, and purchasing corresponding holders. On the contrary, Easyspec series are fitted standard with an UNIVERSAL HOLDER for cuvettes from 5 to 50mm pathlength, and tubes of 13 and 25 mm. The instrument is fitted in standard with a serial port (for computer connection), and optionally with a printer port and a 0-1V analog port. REMARKABLY LOW OWNERSHIP COSTS Thanks to their exceptionally long life lamp, Easyspec series do not involve ownership costs, all the more that there is no chopper or wearing part in the optics. And because they are rugged in user’s hands, they guarantee a long term satisfaction, even in the most difficult conditions of use. SAFAS EASYSPEC SPECTROPHOTOMETERS ARE SO SIMPLE TO USE! Ease of use is an important criterium: that’s why we have fitted Easyspec series with a nice embedded software, powerful but VERY easy to use and user friendly. The software is driven thanks to a 22 key color keyboard, and a BIG backlit LCD display. Two main menus are available, and it’s easy for the user to toggle from one to the other by pressing a single key: a "dashboard" mode enables to view Simultaneously ALL the possible units and parameters (Identification, WaveLength, Abs, T%, Conc, equation of the calibration curve, and energy availab

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a ZOOM mode enables to display in Giant digits an unit, user selectable (Abs or T% or Concentration) and the wavelength The measurements are continuously displayed, without requiring to press any key. The embedded software also enables to achieve kinetics, calibration curves, to save methods with alphanumeric names, and achieve autodiagnosis; a built-in calibration Holmium filter enables to achieve automatic validation of the unit. And like all SAFAS spectrophotometers, Easyspec series are delivered with a validation certificate, achieved with certified standards (NIST). A POWERFUL AND...

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SAFAS - MANUFACTURER OF SPECTROPHOTOMETERS (UV, VISIBLE, ATOMIC ABSORPTION, INFRA-RED, FLUORESCENCE), SPECTROFLUOROMETERS, LUMINOMETERS, MULTIDETECTION MICROPLATE READERS, ELISA, ANALYZERS SAFAS Monaco - Société Anonyme de Fabrication d’Appareillages Scientifiques Head Offices : 10, quai Antoine 1er - MC 98000 Monaco Deliveries and pick-up : 9, avenue de la Quarantaine - MC 98000 Monaco Phone : +377 99 99 52 52 - Fax : +377 99 99 52 50 Customer service : +377 99 99 52 52 | eMail: © 2007-2015 SAFAS - All rights reserv

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