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TECHNOLOGICAL LEADER IN SPECTROSCOPY SINCE 1952 ...YOUR ANALYSIS DESERVE OUR PERFORMANCES FINALLY, AN INFRA-RED SPECTROPHOTOMETER ACCURATE, SENSITIVE AND RUGGED, GUARANTEED WITHOUT INTERFEROMETER... The SAFAS IR600 is a dispersive Infra-Red spectrophotometer, thus very reliable and not requiring specific maintenance or precautions. A RUGGED, RELIABLE AND ACCURATE IR SPECTROPHOTOMETER Fitted with a grating monochromator, the SAFAS IR600 virtually doesn’t require any precaution of use or specific maintenance: no vacuum, no problems for surrounding vibrations or dust, no window or expensive separator to replace, etc... The SAFAS IR600 is the best solution for those who wish to achieve quality analysis in the Infra-Red range without undergoing expensive ownership costs and having to take a lot precautions. Thanks to its grating monochromator, it doesn’t require to calculate a Fourier Transform: you have a direct reading, and the instrument can even achieve fast continuous measurements at a fixed wavelength, which is impossible for a FTIR. A POWERFUL SOFTWARE SAFAS IR600 spectrophotometer is driven by a software 100% developed by SAFAS, as easy to use as powerful. An optional version of that software has been developed for those who need to conform to FDA CFR21 part 11. MANY ACCESSORIES ARE AVAILABLE SAFAS IR600 is fitted with a standard accessories slider, compatible with most of the accessories on the market. A ZnSe prism enables to quickly measure series of samples (liquids, greases, emulsions, powders...) with minimum preparation. Deposit your sample, start measurements... then clean up: you are ready for the next sample! AN EXCELLENT PRICE EFFECTIVENESS SAFAS IR600 is offered at a very interesting price, and will provide a very low ownership cost to your lab’. Feel free to contact us! Main features of SAFAS IR600 Spectral Range Typical resolution grating, CZERNY TURNER mount, guaranteed without interferometer, and no windows to replace ! Sample holder standard, compatible with most of accessories on the market for PC external computer, powerful and easy to use (several languages availab

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SAFAS IR600 - 2

SAFAS - MANUFACTURER OF SPECTROPHOTOMETERS (UV, VISIBLE, ATOMIC ABSORPTION, INFRA-RED, FLUORESCENCE), SPECTROFLUOROMETERS, LUMINOMETERS, MULTIDETECTION MICROPLATE READERS, ELISA, ANALYZERS SAFAS Monaco - Société Anonyme de Fabrication d’Appareillages Scientifiques Head Offices : 10, quai Antoine 1er - MC 98000 Monaco Deliveries and pick-up : 9, avenue de la Quarantaine - MC 98000 Monaco Phone : +377 99 99 52 52 - Fax : +377 99 99 52 50 Customer service : +377 99 99 52 52 | eMail: © 2007-2015 SAFAS - All rights reserv

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