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TECHNOLOGICAL LEADER IN SPECTROSCOPY SINCE 1952 ...YOUR ANALYSIS DESERVE OUR PERFORMANCES SAFAS UVmc1 spectrophotometer : the price and use of a single beam, with double-beam quality The SAFAS UVmc1 is used like a single-beam, has the price of a single beam, but also the performance brought by its internal double-beam. As it is evolutive, in case you would require tomorrow a true double-beam, you may turn your UVmc1 into our highly-reputed UVmc2 when you will have a complementary budget. Today, your needs and/or budget is limited; that’s why you are currently looking for a single beam spectrophotometer. But you don’t want to undergo the drawbacks of some cheap solutions used by some manufacturers to decrease their manufacturing costs. You also you wouldn’t like to spend a lot in spare parts and repairs, just because you purchased a cheap unit. You also wouldn’t accept to have mistaken measurements... Maybe are you subject to stringent rules, standards and Quality Requirements..., and you wouldn’t like to have non-conformities detected on your instrument. Because you are also careful about ownership costs, you want a rugged and reliable instrument, with traditional optics and long term reliability, without undergoing the problems due to old-fashioned solutions. Finally, you demand an user friendly software, fitted with all the possibilities of data processing and exports. IF THESE ARE YOUR REQUIREMENTS, THEN YOU NEED OUR UVmc1 ! The UVmc1 series are fitted with the latest technologies, electronics and data-processing, and powerful software, but they also include traditional high quality optics and superb mechanics, for a long-lasting high performance at the lowest possible ownership costs. Designed by SAFAS, the inventor of the world’s first UV-Vis spectrophotometers with grating monochromator (double beam, in 1958), these technological jewels are the fruits of a 62 years experience in high level spectroscopy. AN EVOLUTIVE INTERNAL DOUBLE-BEAM UVmc1 is fitted with an internal double-beam; it means that you use it as simply as a single-beam, but it has the optical quality and the measurement sensitivity of a double-beam for most of applications. Moreover, UVmc1 is evolutive : if tomorrow your analysis require a true double-beam measurement, then you will be able to turn your UVmc1 to an UVmc2, for a very reduced amount. This is the SAFAS evolutivity! UVmc1 CAN WORK COMPARTMENT OPENED, WITHOUT THE MAJOR DRAWBACKS OF A XENON LAMP! Thanks to innovative technologies developed and used by SAFAS since more than 10 years, UVmc1 series are able to work with sample compartment opened, and enable to add reagents during meas

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DAILY AUTO OPTIMISATION OF THE INSTRUMENT UVmc1 spectrophotometer is fitted with long life and low heat deuterium and tungsten lamps, with full automatic centering for an optimized accuracy and energy, day after day. They involve no thermal drift, and bring immediate stability after autocalibration, without any need to wait for pre-heating. OPTICAL EXCELLENCE Last but not least, UVmc1 are fitted with superb optics, exclusively mounted on aluminium holders and basis (no plastic!), without any lense, and without any fiber optic. Its wide numeric aperture provides a very high energy and...

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SAFAS - MANUFACTURER OF SPECTROPHOTOMETERS (UV, VISIBLE, ATOMIC ABSORPTION, INFRA-RED, FLUORESCENCE), SPECTROFLUOROMETERS, LUMINOMETERS, MULTIDETECTION MICROPLATE READERS, ELISA, ANALYZERS SAFAS Monaco - Société Anonyme de Fabrication d’Appareillages Scientifiques Head Offices : 10, quai Antoine 1er - MC 98000 Monaco Deliveries and pick-up : 9, avenue de la Quarantaine - MC 98000 Monaco Phone : +377 99 99 52 52 - Fax : +377 99 99 52 50 Customer service : +377 99 99 52 52 | eMail: © 2007-2015 SAFAS - All rights reserv

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