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ResQUp Fact Sheet

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7760  E.  State  Route  69,  C5-­‐363,  Prescott  Valley,  AZ  86314       ResQUp™  Fact  Sheet   Overview   The  ResQUp  was  conceived  by  a  Doctor  of  Physical  Therapy  and  Certified  Ergonomic  Specialist  for   the  expressed  purpose  of  raising  fallen  patients  from  the  floor  to  chair  level  following  a  non-­‐ injurious  fall.     ♦ Extensive  demonstrations  and  critical  review  of  the  ResQUp  among  caregivers  confirmed   the  need  for  such  a  mobility  aid  and  patient  lift  for  use  in  a  wide  variety  of  adult  care  and  in-­‐ home  settings.     ♦ Clinical  evaluation  determined  the  ResQUp  to  be  particularly  beneficial  for  individuals  at   risk  of  falling  who  do  not  have  the  volitional  strength  or  ability  to  get  up  from  the  floor   independently.   ♦ The  active  use  of  the  ResQUp  was  found  to  enhance  the  personal  dignity  of  fallen   individuals  while  reducing  potential  lifting  injuries  to  their  caregivers.     ♦ The  ResQUp  lessens  shear  forces  on  skin  and  makes  fall  recovery  more  comfortable.   ♦ Mobility  and  strength  training  are  additional  benefits  of  the  ResQUp.     How  to  Use  the  ResQUp   The  ResQUp  is  deployed  and  positioned  while  the  patient  is  on  the  floor.  The  fallen  individual   simply  negotiates  their  way  up  to  a  chair  height  (generally  ~18  inches),  or  to  a  standing  position,  by   ascending  upwards  using  their  hands  or  using  their  elbows  by  one  of  two  methods  as  shown  below.       ! Both  methods  require  minimal  or  no  additional  assistance  from  a  caregiver.  The  ResQUp  should   never  be  used  if  the  patient  has  been  injured  in  the  act  of  falling.     Instructions  are  provided  in  the  Package  Information  Insert  and  DVD  Video  that  accompany  every   ResQUp  purchased.                      Customer  Service  1-­‐(888)  973-­‐7787  •  1-­‐(888)  973-­‐7780  

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7760  E.  State  Route  69,  C5-­‐363,  Prescott  Valley,  AZ  86314   Design  and  Construction  of  the  ResQUp   The  ResQUp  is  a  physiologically  and  ergonomically  integrated  system  comprised  of  3  horizontal   levels  (4½,  9,  &  13½  inches  from  floor  level,  respectively)  that  lessens  shoulder,  wrist,  and  hand   strain  when  in  use.   The  ResQUp  is  purposefully  designed  so  that  the  patient’s  shoulders  are  in  the  optimal  position  of   strength  during  the  ascent  from  the  floor.  Additionally,  the  ResQUp  is  uniquely  engineered  to  ...

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