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E-LINE - 2

E-LINE, FOR EVERYBODY Seniors, athletes, beginners, professionals … Lifestyle and stress affect us negatively, allowing that cardiovascular diseases had become an authentic epidemic in the 21st century.

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E-LINE - 3

SALTER suggests the perfect solution A cardio series developed with the highest technological level that makes them easy to use and at the same time professional in performances. Specially designed and recommended for spas, hotels, rehab centres, home complex and use. Investigation in accessibility and ergonomic had been compulsory in the creation of the E-LINE; versatile, simple and sturdy, comply perfectly the requirements associated with the competitiveness into the rehabilitation, wellness and health sectors. In SALTER, we are absolutely convinced that an active life is a better life.

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E-LINE - 5

Sport, anytime The E-LINE devices are characterized by an easy and intuitive utilization, which allow to use them in a quick, simple and safe way taking benefits of our time.

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E-LINE - 7

Design, technology and workout quality, E-LINE represents an essential element for spas and hotels. Secure, sturdy and flexible to any users, these apparatuses are a profitable bet.

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E-LINE - 8

Health and rehab The multiple adjustments of the E-LINE devices and the performances that the display offers, permit to adapt the effort level to the users’ necessities as well into wellness centres as into rehab process.

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E-LINE - 10

TECHNICAL FEATURES DUAL BIKE (vertical & horizontal) • Display manually adjustable to different angles, LCD colour screen, which permits a comfortable reading information. • Large format display with indicators of Time, Distance/ODO, Calories, Programs, Age, Pulse, Speed/RPM and Resistance Level. • 16 preset training programs: 1 manual, 6 interval and / or progressive programs, 5 intensity programs based on heart rate and 4 programs to customize. E-LINE General Technical Features • Self-generated system. Does not require to plug in. • High quality magnetic braking system, noiseless and...

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E-LINE - 11

UP-RIGHT BIKE E-LINE Specific Technical Features • Large, robust and non-slipping footrest platforms. • Double handlebar (fix and mobile). • Oscillating handlebars, designed under EN957 safety standards, which allow an intense exercise. • Stride length adjustable at 3 levels (from 445 to 520 mm) depending of the user’s height. • Platforms mounted onto aluminium rails with suspension rollers incorporated, which guarantee a low impact during the exercise. • Adjustable pedals system. • Vertical seat adjustment through an easy pneumatic system. • Horizontally and vertically adjustable seat in...

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E-LINE - 12


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