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Blood Collection Systems As individual as your patients

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Table of contents Your partner in medicine and science worldwide SARSTEDT Group The company - foundation and history S-Monovette® The modern blood collection system 6-9 S-Monovette® - the revolution in blood collection 7 Systematic safety - the flexible system 8 S-Monovette® - aspiration and vacuum technique 8-9 S-Monovette® Convincing reasons for a safe system 10-13 S-Monovette® - visible control for successful venous puncture 10 S-Monovette® and Safety needle/Satefy-Mulfifly® needle - a reliable connection 10 Safety needles - safety in routine blood collection...

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Blood Collection Systems - 3

Growth means progress SARSTEDT Group The company - foundation and history Growth means progress The topic of progress has been a constant focus since the company's foundation in 1961. Today, the SARSTEDT Group is a global company with 13 production sites in Europe, North America and Australia and 2,600 employees. Decades of research and user-friendly product development using innovative technologies and permanent dialogue with users have made a huge contribution to ensuring that we are now a leading provider of laboratory and medical equipment. Quality from a single source - from the...

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Blood Collection Systems - 4

S-Monovette® The modern blood collection system S-Monovette® – the revolution in blood collection Open system Aspiration technique Closed system Vacuum technique One system – 2 techniques combined in the S-Monovette® Suitable for all vein conditions Optimum sample quality

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Blood Collection Systems - 5

S-Monovette® - aspiration and vacuum technique The focus is on the individual Aspiration technique The trend towards an ageing population places particular demands on medical care. These demands also relate to blood collection, as difficult vein conditions are becoming increasingly common in older people. Blood collection can also be complicated tor children with extremely sensitive veins. The S-Monovette® provides the answer with its variable collection technique in a single system. The user decides on the aspiration or vacuum technique as required. It has been shown that 49.1%* of all...

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Blood Collection Systems - 6

Safety needle - safety in blood collection - immediately ready for use With the aspiration technique, the first drop of blood that immediately enters the S-Monovette® in the event of a successful vein puncture lets the user check whether the vein has been hit. Always a pre-assembled system The Safety needle is always ready for use and does not have to be assembled on the needle holder. Safe puncture Safety needle protection The Safety needle's special safety device lets the user safely end blood collection by locking the needle in the safety device. It is then disposed of in an appropriate...

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Blood Collection Systems - 7

Cost benefits of using the Safety needles In the S-Monovette® system, 330 Safety needles can be disposed of in a Multi-Safe Box. For vacuum system disposal, roughly 5 times the number of disposal boxes are required tor the same number of needles. The S-Monovette® system therefore has much lower disposal costs. Besides the positive cost effects, if also ensures a better life cycle assessment. Savings from reduced haemolysis rates Studies* show that gentle aspiration of the sample, as is possible when using an S-Monovette®, allows lower haemolysis rates to be achieved than when using vacuum...

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Blood Collection Systems - 8

S-Monovette® - colour coding Choice of colour code In EN 14820, Single-use containers for human venous blood specimen collection, it is noted that no international agreement with regard to colour marking currently exists. Sarstedt therefore lets you choose between the colour code based on the BS 4851 “EU Code” and the ISO 6710 “US Code” -as peryour specific requirements. Serum (clotting activator) The S-Monovettes contain plastic beads that are coated with a clotting activator (silicate). This clotting additive causes the blood to normally clot after 20-30 minutes, after which the sample...

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Blood Collection Systems - 9

S-Monovette® ThromboExact Pseudothrombocytopenia The S-Monovette® ThromboExact is used to rule out false low platelet counts due to anticoagulant incompatibility (such as EDTA, citrate, heparin), also referred to as pseudothrombocytopenia. The S-Monovette® ThromboExact (coated with a magnesium compound) prevents the formation of platelet aggregates and enables the actual platelet count to be determined up to 12 hours after blood collection. Schuff-Werner et al, Br J Haematol 162(5):684-92, 2013 ‘Effective estimation of correct platelet counts in pseudothrombocytopenia using an alternative...

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Blood Collection Systems - 10

Collection systems for arterial, venous Capillary sample collection and accessories and capillary sample collection Venous and arterial sample collection The Blood Gas Monovette® is available in 1 and 2 ml options for venous and arterial blood collection. The use of Ca2+-balanced heparin means that the systems are also suitable for investigating electrolytes. The heparin comes as a liquid dose in the Blood Gas Monovette®. This ensures the rapid and optimum mixing of the blood with the anticoagulant. Gruber et al, CinChimActa 395:187, 2008 ‘Heparin release is insufficient in syringes with...

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Blood Collection Systems - 11

The blood collection system for individual A LJI requirements in paediatrics Blood collection in paediatrics places high demands on staff and the collection system The sensitivity of modem analysis systems makes it possible to reduce the sample volume required to conduct comprehensive routine investigations. Thanks to its special design, with smaller dimensions and a lower nominal volume, the S-Monovette® is an ideal way of meeting stringent paediatric requirements. Special requirements in paediatrics Aspiration technique The option for gentle blood collection using the aspiration technique...

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Blood Collection Systems - 12

The gentle blood removal for newborns and premature babies Prepared micro sample tubes The new micro needle eliminates the previously problematic procedure of snapping off the Luer end of Luer needles. The design was specially adapted to the requirements of vein punctures for newborns and premature babies. The ribbed handle means that the micro needle sits securely in the hand and it can be rotated by 360° with optimum handling. The tried and tested needle quality and the exposed outlet opening enables an optimum blood flow and allows it to drip freely. Prepared micro tubes, which use the...

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