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Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation THE SARSTEDT GROUP Headline Innenteil 20pt WORLDWIDE Your Partner in Medicine and Science Worldwide The Sarstedt Group, with headquarters in Nümbrecht, Germany, is active worldwide. Marnay, France Since its founding in 1961, the company has always emphasized innovation, quality, close coordination with customer needs and continuous development. Our commitment goes far beyond our own research and development activities. For instance, we support the internationally recognized 50,000 € Biochemical...

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Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation Everything under 20pt Headline Innenteilone roof Direct support Our efforts are focused on the health and safety of patients and users and consistent high quality of our products. 2,500 motivated and qualified employees in Development, Production, Distribution and Service guarantee superior SARSTEDT quality to our customers. Everything under one roof - development, production and distribution. As a responsibly managed family-based company, our corporate processes are based on solid values and...

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Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation Quality Headline Innenteil 20pt Quality is a process _ the goal is perfection The high quality of our products is our contribution to the success of your work. As a supplier of superior, reliable, and precision products for medicine and science we share responsibility for the many different tests and investigations carried out with Sarstedt products in institutes, clinics and laboratories all over the world. Every day, our more than 50 years of company research and development contribute to the...

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Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation Innovations Headline Innenteil 20pt Index Headline Innenteil 20pt Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation Venous Blood Collection Laboratory Automation Capillary Blood Collection For more than 20 years, Sarstedt’s premium cell culture products have supported scientific research and discovery worldwide. Our many years of experience combined with insight from our customers have allowed us to optimize and continually expand the product range. All flasks, dishes, and plates have been updated for exceptional performance, traceability, and simple...

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Innovations that advance patient care Venous Blood Collection S-Monovette® - The Revolution in Blood Collection 12-13 Innovative Product Solutions for Pediatrics 14-15 S-Monovette® Ordering Information 18-20 S-Monovette® Needles and Adapters 22-23 Seraplas® Separators, Accessories for Blood Collection/Bumper Inserts 24-27 Micro-Needle 28 Prepared Micro Tubes and Blood Tubes 29 Laboratory Automation Stand-alone Single-Function Solutions 31 Bulk Loader, DC/RC 900 Flex; Multiple Function Solutions 32 Capillary Blood Collection Multivette'', Microvette'' CB, Carrier...

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Headline Innenteil 20pt Flexible System Engineered Safety – The Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation It’s the individual that matters Demographic development shows that our population is growing older which places a very specific demand on medical care and treatment. Blood collection in particular is affected because difficult vein conditions are increasingly noted with elderly patients. Blood collection may also be complicated from children with very small or fragile veins. The answer to all these challenges is the S-Monovette® with its variable collection techniques combined in one...

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Blood collection systems for every age group Pediatric blood collection makes considerable demands of personnel and collection systems. Sarstedt offers a broad spectrum of different collection systems for venous and capillary blood collection in this field. S-Monovette® & Safety-Multifly®-Needle Microvette® & Safety Lancet Micro Tubes Headline Innenteil 20pt Innovative Product Solutions for Pediatrics Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation Innovative Product Solutions for Pediatrics Headline Innenteil 20pt Microvette® & Safety-Lancet...

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Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation system components of the S-Monovette® and needle ensure the reliability and safety crucial to an innovative blood collection system. ^ The S-Monovette® Safety-Needle is ready-to-use without any need to assemble a needleholder. The optimal bevel and superior glide of the Safety-Needle in combination with a flat puncturing angle ensure safe puncturing for enhanced patient comfort. The Mind ern Blood Collection System (/) 03 E E CD O 3 The deeper recessed membrane reliably prevents direct contact with the puncture site on the membrane. The result...

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Preanalytic Systems and Laboratory Automation Color code cap/label Color code cap/label Order No. with colored paper label Packaging: All S-Monovettes listed above are wrapped in a sterile packaging of 50 pcs. per box and 500 pcs. per case. Note: S-Monovettes, individually wrapped, sterile, are available at a minimum ordering quantity of 10,000 pcs..

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Special Analytics Special S-Monovette® S-Monovette® SiruCin - Thrombocyte Function (/) 03 E E (D O To monitor the efficiency (response/non-response) of a platelet inhibiting pharmaceutical drug, either during its development, in routine therapy, or to prove or exclude disorders in thrombocyte function, hirudin has become the anticoagulant of choice. Unlike citrate or heparin, hirudin prevents blood clotting by direct thrombin inhibition, enabling thrombocyte function diagnostics in a native condition. The S-Monovette® Hirudin has been developed to measure thrombocyte activity on the...

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- can be individually pombined with the S-Monovette Safety-Multifly®- Needle Order No. 0/Length Description Color code Tube length Membrane-Adapter • The Membrane-Adapter enables safe and reliable adaptation of the S-Monovette® Safety-Needle and the Safety-Multifly®-Needle to a Luer system, e.g. the Blood Gas Monovette®. Multi-Adapter • The Multi-Adapter is available in Luer and Luer-Lock versions. It facilitates adaptation between the S-Monovette® and all Luer systems, e.g. intravenous catheter, three-way tap or butterfly needles. S-Monovette® Safety-Needle Order No. Blood Culture...

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