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Celebration Catalogue Blood Collection and Diagnostic Products

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SARSTEDT International Your partner in medicine and science worldwide SARSTEDT AG & Co. P.O. Box 12 20 · D-51582 Nümbrecht Phone +49 2293 3050 · Fax +49 2293 305- 122 info@sarstedt.com · www.sarstedt.com

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From a One-Man Operation to a World-Wide Enterprise with 2,500 Employees Company Founder Walter Sarstedt 50 years of Sarstedt That means 50 years of hard work and trusted cooperation with customers and employees. From the beginning we have made every effort to satisfy the expectations of our customers. This cannot be achieved by personal commitment alone but can only be accomplished with motivated and dedicated employees. Our success is based on strong product development, on the depth of our high quality production in the domestic market as well as abroad and our own world-wide...

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Production facilities Principal production site with registered office in Numbrecht, Germany Additional production sites Adelaide, Australia Newton, USA Marnay, France Hemer, North Rhine Westphalia Wiehl, North Rhine Westphalia Rheinbach, North Rhine Westphalia Brand-Erbisdorf, Saxonia Klingenthal, Saxonia (Germany) (Germany) (Germany) (Germany)

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Headline Innenteil 20pt Index Blood Collection and Diagnostic Products Venous Blood Collection Capillary Blood Collection Prepared Tubes Urine and Faeces Range Sputum Containers Miscellaneous Tests Laboratory Products pp. 52-147 Reagent and Centrifuge Tubes Micro Tubes PCR, Liquid Handling, Bacteriology Cell and Tissue Culture, CryoPure Storage System Cuvettes, Special Vials, Microtest Plates General Laboratory Products Medical Products / Hospital Supplies Urine Drainage Systems Infusion/Transfusion Systems Anaesthesia Thawing and Heating Syringe Labelling Miscellaneous pp. 170-181 Blood...

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New Products 16pt Headline Innenteil Neonatal Needle The new Neonatal Needle combines optimal handling and ow characteristics ensuring minimal blood loss. Minivette® POCT The Minivette® POCT enables precise collection and direct dispensing of small capillary blood samples and is therefore the optimal collection system for point-of-care-tests. Capillary Blood Gas Analytics Plastic blood gas capillaries are available in a range of sizes and volumes for small samples volumes and optimal instrument compatibility. V-Monovette® Urine The vacuum system for enclosed urine transfer ensures...

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The x-well cell culture systems include slide-based cell culture vessels in a small format. Single- and multi-chamber vessels are available with different growth surfaces. 7 White Multiply® PCR plates White Multiply® PCR plates are used to ensure enhanced sensitivity of qPCR reducing the variability of the measuring results. Regional Anaesthesia High quality products for all applications in regional anaesthesia. Innovative solutions for improved safety. Warming and temperature maintenance of infusion solutions and linen for operating theatres. The SAHARA-THERMOBOX stands out for enhanced...

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Blood Collection and Diagnostic Products

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Diagnostic Products Venous Blood Collection S-Monovette® - The Revolution in Blood Collection 10-11 2 " S-Monovette® Sizes and Preparations 12-13 go. S-Monovette® Ordering Information 14-15 o§ S-Monovette® Safety-Needles and Adapters 20-21 Rigi-Box® Disposal Boxes 22-23 Multi-Safe/SaniSafe® Disposal Boxes 24 Safety-Tray Transport System 25 Seraplas® Separators, Accessories for Blood Collection 26-28 Multivette® 600, Carrier Tube 32 Capillary Blood Gas Analytics 35-36 Minivette® POCT, End-to-End Capillaries 37 Prepared Micro Tubes 37-38 Prepared Blood Tubes 39 Urine Monovette® and Conical...

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Blood Collection and Diagnostic Products S-Monovette® – The Revolution in Blood Collection Aspiration technique Vacuum technique Open system Enclosed system Aspiration technique and vacuum technique in an enclosed system One system – 2 techniques The S-Monovette® combines the advantages of both systems ✓ Suitable for all vein conditions Optimal sample quality

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It’s the individual that matters Demographic development shows that our population is growing older which places a very specic demand on medical care and treatment. Blood collection in particular is affected because difcult vein conditions are increasingly noted with elderly patients. Blood collection may also be complicated from children with very small or fragile veins. The answer to all these challenges is the S-Monovette® with its variable collection techniques combined in one system. As required, phlebotomists can select either the aspiration or the vacuum method. We already know that...

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Low penetration force due to perfect bevel and superior glide ensure the reliability and safety crucial to an innovative Blood Collection and Diagnostic Products blood collection system. GLVWDQFH >PP@ The S-Monovette® is ready-to-use without any need to assemble a needleholder. The optimal bevel and superior glide of the needle in combination with a at puncturing angle ensure safe puncturing for enhanced patient comfort. The deeper recessed membrane reliably prevents direct contact with the puncture site on the membrane. The result is even greater protection against infection and safe use...

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The modern Blood Collection System 3 Recessed membrane for protection against risk of exposure Screw cap to minimise aerosol effect Blood Collection and Diagnostic Products Range of sizes and preparations Serum Serum Citrate Buffer*

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S-Monovette® Blood Collection and Diagnostic Products Clotting Activator Clotting Activator Potassium EDTA ESR Sodium Citrate 1 in 5 Each S-Monovette® is indicated with the colour code shown above. S-Monovettes with order number ending in .001 have a coloured paper label corresponding to the table. Neutral S-Monovette® S-Monovette® without preparation without additive without additive without additive without additive Special S-Monovette® S-Monovette® EDTA K2-Gel 92 x 16 mm; 9.0 ml 02.1333.001 90 x 13 mm; 4.9 ml 04.1932.001 S-Monovette® for trace metals 92 x 15 mm 7.5 ml S-Monovette®...

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