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Cell and Tissue Culture Cell Cultivation, Cryogenic Storage, Filtration, Liquid Handling

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Cell and Tissue Culture - 2

Contents Tissue Culture Flasks page 4-7 Tissue Culture Dishes page 8 Tissue Culture Plates page 9 Cell Scrapers/Coverslips page 10 Roller Bottles page 11 Filtration Units page 12-14 Tubes page 15 CryoPure page 16-17 Serological Pipettes/Sarpettes page 18 NEW flexiPERM® / quadriPERM® 2 page 19

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Cell and Tissue Culture - 3

Tissue Culture Products Come Grow With Us Sarstedt Certified Tissue Culture Products In the field of cell and tissue culture, compliance with strict purity standards is essential to achieving reliability and consistency for in vitro applications. Cell and tissue cultures are now being used in fields other than basic research, applied biotechnology and clinical research. Cell cultures are also increasingly used in toxicity tests, for quality control of chemical and biological products as well as for industrial applications, e.g. manufacturing monoclonal antibodies etc. Sarstedt produces...

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Cell and Tissue Culture - 4

Tissue Culture Flasks The Tissue Culture Flask concept with the advanced Capping System Utilize the 2-position Quick-Release cap for rapid and easy handling Leave it to others to waste time and effort removing and replacing caps... Quick-Release cap with open/close indicator • Maximum 1/3 turn for ergonomic opening/closing of the flask • Arrows on the quick-release cap serve as open/closed indicator • Additional visual control of the closed flask: arrows point left to right Open Closed Two-position Screw Cap with positive venting mechanism Lock the cap in the defined vented position by a...

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Cell and Tissue Culture - 5

Tissue Culture Flasks The Tissue Culture Flask concept that simplifies your daily routine The Colour Code that offers maximum flexibility Depending on the cell’s affinity to the growth surface and your requirements, Sarstedt offers three growth surface options. Adherent cells are easily cultivated in Tissue Culture Flasks with traditional Tissue Culture surface; coded with red or black quick-release cap. Primary, established epithelial and other fastidious cell lines that are difficult to grow on traditional surfaces may grow better on the growth surface offered by Cell+; coded with a...

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Cell and Tissue Culture - 6

Tissue Culture Flasks The Tissue Culture Flask concept that simplifies your daily routine Cell+ growth surface supports the cultivation of various adherent cells Cell+, a Sarstedt product, is a positively charged, growth supporting surface, which is particularly suitable for the cultivation of superior cells. By imitation of amino-functional groups of proteins the Cell+ surface allows binding and growth of a large spectrum of cells. The Cell+ surface specifically supports the cultivation of various adherent • primary cultures • continuous cell lines • cells which previously needed a coated...

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Cell and Tissue Culture - 7

Tissue Culture Flasks The Tissue Culture Flask concept – that simplifies your daily routine Ordering details – Sarstedt colour code system Cell+ tissue culture flasks, with yellow cap, vented or non vented Plug Seal Cap non vented vented Order No. Growth Area Volume Neck Shape Sales Unit bag/case 83.1810.300 83.1810.302 50 ml 50 ml 20 /300 20 /300 83.1813.300 83.1813.302 75 cm2 75 cm2 250 ml 250 ml 5 / 100 5 / 100 83.1812.300 83.1812.302 Cell+ 25 cm2 25 cm2 175 cm2 175 cm2 650 ml 650 ml 5 /40 5 /40 Growth Area Volume Tissue culture flasks with red cap, vented or non vented Plug Seal Cap non...

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Cell and Tissue Culture - 8

Tissue Culture Dishes Facilitated Handling SUREGrip Dishes for safe and convenient handling • Produced from high-quality polystyrene • A depression in the lid and base makes the dish stackable • Cell+ surface for primary cultures and other superior cell lines • Sterilized by gamma radiation • Special versions with a hydrophobic surface for suspension and hybridoma cultures • Newly designed 35/60/100 mm dishes with SUREGrip Größe 35 x 10 SUREGrip 60 x 15 SUREGrip 100 x 20 SUREGrip 150 x 20 Standard X X X X Standard with grid X X Cell+ X X X X Suspension- & hybridoma cultures X X X für Safe...

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Cell and Tissue Culture - 9

Tissue Culture Plates Tissue Culture Plates with 3 growth surface options For optimized results Handy lateral grids in the base enable a safe grid of the whole plate Lids can only be attached in one direction 6 Well 96 Well 24 Well Wells with raised edges reduce the risk of contamination 6 Well Cell Culture Plates in new Multiwell Design with 3 different growth surfaces • Reduced risk of contamination during pipetting due to individual recessed wells • Clear viewing of media through transparent side panels • Minimized evaporation effects due to specially developed recessed lid with...

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Cell and Tissue Culture - 10

Cell Scrapers • Coverslips Cell Scrapers with flexible 2-position blade More simple and efficient cell recovery by the thin and soft blade Depending on the application, the blade can be adjusted to “scrape” or “lift” cells from the growth surface. Sarstedt Cell Scrapers are used for the simple and gentle removal of the intact monolayers from tissue culture surfaces. • The blades of the new Sarstedt Cell Scrapers are produced from a more flexible, rubber-like, non-toxic material • The particularly thin, flexible blade and the handle from polypropylene are offered in different sizes, in order...

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Cell and Tissue Culture - 11

Roller Bottles For Research and Industrial Applications Expand your culture The ability of living cells to maintain their living functions and to produce biomolecules in a roller culture has 3 essential advantages compared to a static monolayer culture: • Enlarged growth surface, • Slow but steady mixing of the medium and • Enlarged medium surface in relation to the medium volume. Sarstedt Roller Bottles are produced from a special, virtually unbreakable material with excellent physical and chemical characteristics. Important construction features make the efficiency in performance of the...

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Cell and Tissue Culture - 12

Filtration Units Filtropur S, Filtropur S plus and Filtropur L Sterile pressure filtration units for the filtration of aqueous solutions They are characterised by biocompatibility of all used materials (according to USP), lowest protein adsorption and a modern design. Our Filtropur program incorporates filtration units for volumes ranging from millilitres to 10 litres. Only Cellulose Acetat (CA) membrane filters that are 100% free from wetting agents and Glasfiber (GF) prefilters being 100% free from binding agents are used to prevent additives from getting into the filtrate. The integrity...

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