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Full Product Catalogue 2019 / 2020

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SARSTEDT International SARSTEDT International Your partner in medicine and science worldwide

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Venous blood collection and laboratory automation

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By people, for people - all from a single source Our organisation, the SARSTEDT GROUP, is an international company based in Numbrecht, Germany. We sell our products through 33 global sales offices and an extensive distributor network. Virtually all the products in our comprehensive product range are manufactured in cutting edge production facilities in Europe, North America and Australia. The range covers the fields of diagnostics and laboratory automation, life sciences, hospitals and transfusion medicine. Since our products are used directly on patients and in research and development...

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Full Product Catalogue 2019/2020 - 6

A blood collection system combining two blood collection techniques - the aspiration technique and the vacuum technique - the S-Monovette® is suitable for all veins, regardless of their condition. The system ensures optimal sample quality, thereby producing the best results. The aspiration technique is a gentle blood collection method tor veins of all conditions. If prevents collapse even in the most sensitive of veins, and is ideal tor blood collection through an IV catheter. Where the vein condition is very good, the vacuum technique provides an alternative to aspiration. By creating the...

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Full Product Catalogue 2019/2020 - 7

Venous blood collection and laboratory automation Venous blood S-Monovette® - the revolution in blood collection 8-9 Product solutions for paediatrics 10-11 S-Monovette® - size options 12-13 S-Monovette® - ordering information 14-15 S-Monovette® - special analytics 16-17 S-Monovette® - needles and adapters 18-19 Accessories for blood collection and other diagnostics 20-21 Secondary tubes, tubes with false bottom, automation tubes and caps 22-26 Prepared sample tubes 28-29

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Full Product Catalogue 2019/2020 - 8

S–Monovette® – the revolution in blood collection Open system Aspiration technique Closed system Vacuum technique One system – two techniques, combined in the S-Monovette® suitable for all veins optimum sample quality sa

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Full Product Catalogue 2019/2020 - 9

Venous blood collection and laboratory automation Systematic safety - the flexible systemFocus on people An ageing population places particular demands on medical care and blood collection, as difficult vein conditions are increasingly common in older people. Blood collection can also be complicated tor children with extremely fragile veins. The S-Monovette® provides the answer with its variable collection technique in a single system. The user decides on the aspiration or vacuum techniqe as required. It has been shown that 49.1%* of all patients • are either under 5 years of age or • over...

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Full Product Catalogue 2019/2020 - 10

Blood collection systems for all ages In paediatrics, blood collection places high demands on staff and on collection systems. SARSTEDT offers a wide range of different collection systems tor venous and capillary blood collection in this field. • S-Monovette® and Safety-Multifly® needles • Microvette® and Safety Lancet • Micro tubes and Micro Needles The increasing sensitivity of analysis systems makes it possible to reduce the sample volume required, even for comprehensive routine investigations. With smaller dimensions and low nominal volumes, the S-Monovette® is ideal for paediatrics....

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Full Product Catalogue 2019/2020 - 11

Depending on the requirements, the Microvette® is available with a round or conical inner tube and a volume range of 100 to 500 pi. Both capillary tube and rim collections are available. The Safety Lancet ensures optimum safety for the patient and user. It is available in various sizes, with a blade or needle. Micro tubes and Micro Needles The Micro Needle was developed to meet the specific needs of neonatology and has a grooved handle for a safe and secure puncture. The short needle minimises blood loss during sample collection. Venous blood collection and laboratory automation Compatible...

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Full Product Catalogue 2019/2020 - 12

The innovative, matched components of the S-Monovette® and needle ensure reliability and safety Q The Safety Needle is ready for use and does not require assembly to a needle holder. The precise bevel and superior glide of the Safety Needle in combination with a low puncture angle provide enhanced patient comfort. Q The deeper recessed membrane reliably prevents direct user contact for improved infection protection and sate use of the S-Monovette®. Q The screw cap enables the tube to be opened gently, minimising the aerosol effect that occurs when using plug caps. Q The highly transparent...

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Full Product Catalogue 2019/2020 - 13

Venous blood collection and laboratory automation The modern blood collection system Recessed membrane for infection protection Wide range of sizes and preparations GlucoEXACT Coagulation

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Full Product Catalogue 2019/2020 - 14

Serum (coagulation activator) The S-Monovettes contain beads coated with a coagulation activator (silicate). Due to the addition of this coagulation-inducing agent, the blood is normallyfully coagulated and the sample readyforcentrifugation in 20-30 minutes. Serum gel (coagulation activator) In addition to the coated beads, this S-Monovette® contains a polyacrylester gel. Due to its density, the gel creates a stable separating layer between the blood clot and the serum during centrifugation and serves as a barrier during transportation and storage. with transparent label with coloured paper...

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Full Product Catalogue 2019/2020 - 15

Venous blood collection and laboratory automation Colour coded cap/label For more information, see p. 14. Haematology K3 EDTA is available in a spray dosage in droplet form, at a mean concentration of 1.6 mg EDTA/ml blood. Molecular virus diagnostics In addition to EDTA (1.6 mg/ml blood), S-Monovette® K2 EDTA gel also contains a gel to ensure a safe barrier layer between blood cells and plasma. Glucose determination (fluoride) The S-Monovette® for determination of glucose contains fluoride (1.0 mg/ml blood) as a glycolysis inhibitor and EDTA (1.2 mg/ml blood) as an anticoagulant....

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Full Product Catalogue 2019/2020 - 16

GlucoEXACT - precise determination of glucose The S-Monovette® GlucoEXACT contains a citrate/fluoride glycolysis inhibitor for the immediate and reliable inhibition of glycolysis. It meets the Gestational Diabetes Guidelines of the German Diabetes Association (DDG) and the German National Disease Management Guidelines (NVL) for type 2 diabetes. The S-Monovette® GlucoEXACT stabilises the glucose concentration immediately for up to 48 hours at room temperature. A correction factor of 1.16 for calculating the true glucose concentration should be observed. Without preparation The S-Monovette®...

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