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IVARO Tube Handler Innovative automated processing of screw cap micro tubes

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IVARO Tube Handler IVARO Tube Handler IVARO TUBE HANDLER Relieves the strain of monotonous routine operations Enhanced productivity and reliability Maximum transparency and safety Ideal integration into existing lab workflows Filling, labelling, scanning, sorting, weighing – sophisticated and sensitive laboratory processes require a precise, specialised yet flexible system. The innovative concept of the IVARO Tube Handler enables you to adapt the automation system to your applications in the best possible way. You can equip the two standard devices IVARO FD – for filling and dosing – and...

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IVARO Tube Handler IVARO Tube Handler IVARO FUNCTIONS The unique Duplex Lifter design guarantees optimum process speed when tubes are to be opened or closed. The cap can be screwed on or off while your tubes are being transported. Individual closures can be supplied through a cap feeder so that also open tubes can be capped quickly and easily. The precise gripper arm can lift individual tubes out of any rack arrangement. The integrated scanner identifies the tube already on the way to the target position. The tube is rotated in the gripper arm to read the barcode or data matrix code at any...

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IVARO Tube Handler - 4

IVARO Tube Handler IVARO Tube Handler IVARO BASIC UNIT The IVARO basic unit is the basis for your customised tube handler. With its variable deck structure and flexible setting parameters, the IVARO Tube Handler can be individually adapted to almost all applications and workflows. Time-consuming, complex or monotonous workflows can now be conveniently handled by just one instrument. Maximum reliability, safety and transparency are the requirements that the IVARO Tube Handler meets. Technically advanced, endlessly rotating gripper arms move your samples safely from one rack to the other. On...

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IVARO Tube Handler IVARO Tube Handler Precise filling Short processing times Consistent documentation IVARO FD Automatic tube feeding OPTIMAL FILLING AND DOSING Tube Feeder FD Module IVARO FD is the ideal solution for filling stock solutions, buffers and other liquids into smaller containers. The preparation of samples, the production of small product series, the production of kits and other time-consuming applications are no problem with IVARO FD. Without manual effort, with optimal speed and complete documentation, IVARO FD supports you in your processes. particularly small volumes from...

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IVARO Tube Handler IVARO Tube Handler Reliable pipetting/aliquoting High flexibility Safe processing Reproducible processes IVARO AP PRECISE ALIQUOTING AND PIPETTING IVARO AP is more than just a liquid handler. It supports you in all types of sample preparation. Filling liquids into several identical tubes is just as easy as aliquoting samples into different containers and microtest plates, or creating dilution series. Whether you are processing open or closed tubes, whether these are to be labelled or weighed – IVARO AP adapts to your process. Depending on the application, you can flexibly...

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IVARO Tube Handler - 7

IVARO Tube Handler IVARO Tube Handler A.WARE LAB AUTOMATION CONTROL IVARO TUBE HANDLER SOFTWARE The modern, database-driven A.WARE lab automation control software not only controls the IVARO Tube Handler - it also forms the communication platform between you and the device. With the possibility of defining your own sequence programs, monitoring the function of the IVARO Tube Handler and storing data in an exportable database structure, it is a reliable tool and a perfect supplement to your laboratory documentation. Thanks to secure user management, comprehensive logging and database-driven...

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IVARO Tube Handler - 8

IVARO Tube Handler IVARO Tube Handler TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION IVARO MODULES LABEL PRINTER 600 dpi Print resolution Print speed Print width Elements up to 150 mm/s up to 54.1 mm Text, bar code, 2D Code, images CAP FEEDER 500 pcs. 10 caps/min Caps for SARSTEDT screw cap micro tubes Loading capacity Separation speed Cap type PIPETTING UNIT Pipetting range Pipetting modes Process monitoring Liquid Level Detection (LLD) 1 μl - 1000 μl Individual pipetting and aliquoting Qualitative Pipette Monitoring (QPM) LLD, print / LLD capacitive Pipetting specification** IVARO BASIC UNIT Sample Pipette tip...

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SARSTEDT AG & Co. KG P.O. Box 12 20 D-51582 Nümbrecht Phone: +49 2293 305 0 Fax: +49 2293 305 3992 export@sarstedt.com www.sarstedt.com

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