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PCR & Molecular Biology Certified High-Quality Products for PCR, Molecular Biology and Research sterile · non-pyrogenic · DNA-free RNase-free · ATP-free Liquid Handling

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SARSTEDT International Your Partner in medicine and science worldwide

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Table of Contents Sarstedt quality symbols A warranty of reliability and reproducibility p. 4 Biosphere Purity Certificate p. 4 PCR Performance Tested Purity Certificate p. 4 ® Pipette tips Crucial for precise dosing p. 5 - 19 Aerosol filters – Protection against carry-over contamination p. 5 Quality guarantee by conformity testing at regular intervals p. 6 Superior shielding with the special ShaftProtect 10µl tip p. 7 Filter tips – Pipetting small volumes from 0.1 – 20µl p. 8 - 9 Filter tips – Pipetting sample volumes from 1 – 1,250µl p. 10 - 11 TipStack Pack reload system p. 12 - 13 Tip...

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Sarstedt quality symbols - a warranty of reliability and reproducibility To accommodate the highly sophisticated needs of customers working in the field of medical research, environmental technology, the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as in cellular and molecular biology, Sarstedt has developed the Biosphere® quality products. The superior biological purity of sterile laboratory products is guaranteed by a controlled production process that complies with the strictest purity requirements so that our customers can be sure to achieve utmost reproducibility in their analyses and...

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High purity Biosphere® Filter tips for pipetting – free from carry-over contamination Protection against carry-over and contamination Even the most meticulous pipetting may generate aerosols during aspiration of the sample, contaminating the pipette and any sample material to follow. This cross-contamination cannot be tolerated when working with expensive, hazardous, or irreplaceable samples or when using highly sensitive methods. In order to prevent aerosol contamination along with the resulting consequences (falsified results, additional expenditure in time and cost) Sarstedt incorporates...

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The pipette tip – Crucial for precise dosing A calibrated system: Pipette and pipette tips The precision of the pipetting process is primarily determined by the optimal compatibility of the pipette and pipette tip. • One of the leading manufacturers of pipette tips, Sarstedt’s main objective for years has been to provide customers with tips in optimal, reliable quality to fit most marketable pipette brands. • The quality of a tip is defined by the properties of the material used, the design and optimum fit on the individual pipettes. Quality guarantee: Precision and accuracy for small...

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Precise pipetting of micro volumes - superior precision and contamination protection with the ShaftProtect 10 µl tip for Gilson P2/P10 With most extra long tips the dead volume is extended, which creates adverse effects on performance but ShaftProtect 70.1131 has been especially developed for Gilson P2/P10 pipettors. ShaftProtect 10 µl tip Filter tip 70.1131.210 0.1 - 10 µl ro tP af Sh ct te • Extra-long tip with ShaftProtect for Gilson P2/P10 to protect the inner tube wall against the generally non-sterile pipette shaft • Identical precision and accuracy thanks to a very small dead volume...

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Liquid Handling - 8

The pipette tip – Crucial for precise dosing Pipetting small sample volumes 0.1 – 10 µl Working routinely with micro volumes can adversely affect the pipette / pipette tip dosing system. Therefore, tips to 10 µl feature the following product benefits of enhanced visual control and dosing: • Enhanced pipetting safety due to calibrated system - conformity-tested to EN ISO 8655 • Easy visual control for micro volumes - calibration rings facilitate visual control of the pipetted volume • Enhanced dosing features - fine, thin tip facilitates dosing and visual volume control 70.1130.210/.212...

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Pipetting micro volumes from 0.5 to 20 µl – specially designed tip for perfect fit on Eppendorf pipettes Tip with ergonomical and flexible cone, enhanced sealing properties and outstanding precision on Eppendorf pipettes. The cone geometry enables optimal fit and effortless dosing with new generation single- or multi-channel pipettes (e.g. Research plus pipettes). The tip is also compatible with identical pipette models from other manufacturers. New Filter tip 70.1114.210 0.5 to 20 µl Compatible with 0.5 - 10 µl Eppendorf Research, Research plus, Research pro, Xplorer, Reference 2 - 20 µl...

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The pipette tip – Crucial to precise dosing Pipetting sample volumes 2 - 300 µl 70.760.212/.213 Filter tip 70.760.212/.213 2 - 100 µl Yellow standard pipette tip for pipettes from Eppendorf, Gilson, Biohit, Brand, Socorex as well as identical designs, and additional filter tip option of 20 µl volume (70.760.213). • Conformity tested to EN ISO 8655 • Colour code ! ! 70.760.211 Filter tip 70.760.211 2 - 200 µl Standard pipette tip for pipettes from Eppendorf, Gilson, Biohit, Finnpipette, Socorex and identical designs. • Conformity tested to EN ISO 8655 • Colour code ! ! 70.765.210 300 µl 200...

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Pipetting large sample volumes up to 1,250 µl • Two pipette tips with graduation rings for volumes between 1 and 1,250 µl • Saves space as a large volume range is covered with 2 tips only • Colour-coded trays enable easy volume identification • Highly transparent tip material for enhanced pipetting control 70.1189.215 Filter tip 70.1189.215* 1 - 200 µl, extra long Extra long and slim 200 µl tip for 20, 50, 100 and 200 µl pipettes. Designed for universal use on a pipette volume range between 2 and 200 µl: Eppendorf Reference, Research, Biohit mLine, -Proline, -Proline Electronic, HTL,...

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Tip SystemBox - Methodical tip processing The Tip SystemBox: Central Pipetting Station Simple and practical Flexible and cost-effective Economic and environmentally friendly Empty 96-tip refill trays and bulk tips Suitable for manually racking bulk tips for autoclaving and convenient handling.* Tip StackPack Efficient handling of 96-tip trays, reduced packaging and storage space Empty reload tray for use in the Tip SystemBox Users purchasing tips from our range loose in bags can load tips into empty trays (grey, yellow, orange) in the Tip SystemBox. • Place empty trays into the Tip...

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