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Microbiology - 1

Sampling, processing and cultivation

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Microbiology - 2

Petri Dishes Sicherheit ... Petri Dishes for Bacteriology Petri dishes from Sarstedt are made from highly transparent polystyrene and are heat-resistant to approximately 80°C for applications using hot agar. They are available in 35, 60, 92 and 150 mm diameter options. Their dimensional stability ensures optimal suitability for use in automated dish pourers as well as easy stacking. While versions with ventilation cams provide enhanced gas exchange, those without ventilation cams enable extended incubation times. Coloured dishes provide a variety of coding options. A Petri dish subdivided...

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Microbiology - 3

DishRack ... Sicherheit • Air Sampler DishRack - The stacking solution for Petri dishes Convenient handling Stop knocking over stacks of dishes. Secure up to 88 dishes single-handedly with the DishRack. Each DishRack features retaining elements to accommodate 4 stacks of standard Ø 92/100 mm Petri dishes. Dishes can be removed from the rack at random, alleviating the laborious task of rearranging an entire stack. The DishRack is a valuable tool for multiuse at workstations, in incubators, or for sample storage. Durable and safe transport Elastic silicone strips securely hold dishes in the...

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Microbiology - 4

POS 720 PTS Sicherheit •... POS 720 Petri Dish Organization System The POS 720 and PTS represent important milestones in automation of microbiological laboratories with average to high sample throughput. In a fully automated process, more than 700 Petri dishes are labelled, stacked in sets and transported to individual workstations per hour. Labelling errors in microbiology laboratories are reduced and processing procedures are made simple and consistent, improving quality and competitiveness. • Labour saving and easy to operate • Reliable provision of all required Petri dishes • Consistent...

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Microbiology - 5

Automation Sicherheit ...for Microbiology PTS Petri Dish Transfer System The Petri Dish Transfer System transports the dish stacks pre-sorted by the POS 720 to the individual workstations. The free-standing system provides customised solutions and is adjustable in height within a defined range. Laboratory tables and benches can be conveniently positioned close to the PTS. A separating station with an integral scanner regulates the distance between the dish stacks. Exit points on the track ensure that stacks are correctly assigned to the relevant workstations. Dish stacks that cannot be...

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Microbiology - 6

Inoculation Loops • Swabs Inoculation Loops, Needles and Spreaders Sarstedt‘s inoculation loops, needles and spreaders for single use are easy to handle, provide enhanced safety, minimise the risk of cross contamination, and save time. Heat sterilising in a Bunsen burner flame is no longer necessary between two inoculation processes, eliminating the spread of pathogenic aerosols. Flexible inoculation loops facilitate smears or inoculation in liquid media. 1 and 10 µl loops are colour-coded for easy identification. Sarstedt‘s inoculation needle is ideal for the transfer of individual...

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Microbiology - 7

Swabs Swabs with Amies transport medium, sterile • Transport tube and separate swab, individually wrapped in convenient peel pack, sterile • Transport medium in accordance with DIN 58942, Part 4 TP-AL • Suited for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria Order No. ø/Tube length in mm Stem material/ length in mm Swab material Packaging 80.1361 12/155 plastic/145 viscose 500/case 80.1363 12/155 aluminium/140 viscose 500/case Swab with Amies transport medium plus charcoal, sterile Order No. ø/Tube length in mm Stem material/ length in mm Swab material Packaging 80.1362 12/155 plastic/145 viscose...

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Microbiology - 8

Faeces Sicherheit ... Faeces Diagnostics Faeces tubes from Sarstedt enable a clean and easy collection of faeces samples. Various sizes and sampling scoops are available, including an option to collect a defined faeces volume of 1 ml, approx. 1 g. The range includes sterile, labelled or opaque options. On request, faeces tubes with customised label are available at a minimum ordering quantity of 15,000 pcs. Screw cap faeces tubes Order No. ø/Tube length in mm Tube material Description Packaging pcs./case 80.622 25/107 PP sterile 400 80.622.111 25/107 PP non-sterile 500 80.623 16.5/101 PP...

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Microbiology - 9

Urine • Transport System Sicherheit ... Urine Diagnostics Sarstedt‘s range of urine collection products includes two systems: The Urine Monovette® works using the classical aspiration principle where urine is collected by placing the suction tip into a urine sample and withdrawing the piston (Fig. a). The V-Monovette® Urine is a vacuum system for enclosed urine transfer. This system provides enhanced hygiene and convenient handling for patients and users. It is not necessary to open a urine cup or container to fill the tube so that contamination is practically excluded (Fig. b). Both...

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Microbiology - 10

Disposal Bags Disposal Bags Sarstedt's disposal bags are ideal contaminated laboratory and hospital consumables. A robust 50 urn thick polypropylene bag with a durable, wide base seam ensures a good resistance to tear and puncturing. However, in view of the inherent injury risk, sharp or pointed objects must never be placed into the bags. Sarstedt's disposal bags are suited for hot steam sterilisation in the autoclave a complete steam sterilisation, the disposal bags must always be open during autoclaving. The range includes a variety of sizes and colours as well as options with 'Bio...

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Microbiology - 11

MegaBlock® Sicherheit ... • Rack Series 20 MegaBlock® The 96 well MegaBlock® meets all important requirements for processing sample volumes from 1.2 to 2.2 ml in automated systems or for storing large quantities of backup samples • Tape/mat covers are included in the range. • Products are manufactured under stringent clean room conditions and are protected against contamination. MegaBlock® 1.2/2.2 ml, PP • Each well 100% leak-proof tested • Ideal for backup storage of pharmaceutical substances • Ideal for DNA isolation • Solvent-resistant to DMSO • Suited for enzyme assays and tissue...

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