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Blood Collection Systems As individual as your patients The complete solution for any requirement

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SARSTEDT International Your Partner in medicine and science worldwide

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The SARSTEDT Group The Company - Foundation and History 4 - 5 S-Monovette® The Progressive Blood Collection System 6 - 9 S-Monovette® - The revolution in blood collection 7 Engineered safety - The flexible system 8 S-Monovette® - Aspiration & vacuum method 9 S-Monovette® Convincing Arguments for a Safe System 10-13 S-Monovette® & Safety-Needle / Safety-Multifly® - A safe, secure combination 10 Safety-Needle - Safety for routine blood collection 11 Safety-Multifly® - Safety for fragile veins 11 S-Monovette® - Convincing arguments for a safe system 12-13 S-Monovette® Range of Sizes and...

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The Sarstedt Group The Company – Foundation and History Growth means progress

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The Sarstedt Group The Company – Foundation and History Growth means progress Ever since the company was established in 1961, progress has been a key motivation. Today, the Sarstedt Group is a global company with 13 production facilities in Europe, North America and Australia and a workforce of 2,500. For decades, research and purpose-oriented product development using innovative technologies along with constant communication with the user have been decisive factors in establishing Sarstedt as a leading supplier of laboratory and diagnostic products. Quality from one source – from the...

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S-Monovette® The Progressive Blood Collection System It’s the individual that matters

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S-Monovette® – The Revolution in Blood Collection Open system ue on ati iq hn tec pir As + Enclosed system ue iq hn m uu tec c Va = One system – 2 techniques The S-Monovette® combines the advantages of both systems ✓ Suitable for all vein conditions ✓ Optimal sample quality ✓ Economical ✓ Safe 7

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S-Monovette® GlucoEXACT - 8

Engineered Safety – The Flexible System It’s the individual that matters Demographic development shows that our population is growing older which places a very specific demand on medical care and treatment. Blood collection in particular is affected because difficult vein conditions are increasingly noted with elderly patients. Blood collection may also be complicated from children with very small or fragile veins. The answer to all these challenges is the S-Monovette® with its variable collection techniques combined in one system. As required, phlebotomists can select either the aspiration...

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S-Monovette® GlucoEXACT - 9

S-Monovette® – Aspiration & Vacuum Method Aspiration method 1 The S-Monovette® and Safety-Needle are assembled immediately prior to blood collection. 2 Slowly withdrawing the plunger ensures gentle blood flow. For multiple sampling, the next S-Monovettes are connected to the Safety-Needle and samples collected as described. 3 When blood collection is complete, the last S-Monovette® is removed from the Safety-Needle and the needle withdrawn from the vein. 4 For enhanced security during transport and centrifugation, the piston is locked in the base of the S-Monovette® and the plunger broken...

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S-Monovette® GlucoEXACT - 10

S-Monovette® – Convincing Arguments for a Safe System S-Monovette® & Safety-Needle/Safety-Multifly® A safe, secure combination The Safety-Needle or SafetyMultifly® needle is safely and securely connected to the S-Monovette® by a 3-pin locking mechanism. 10

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S-Monovette® GlucoEXACT - 11

Safety-Needle – Safety for routine blood collection The Safety-Needle is always ready for use. No need to assemble it with a needle holder. Only pre-assembled systems like the S-Monovette® Safety-Needle provide efficient protection against the risk of exposure likely to be caused by contaminated, re-used needle holders. Re-use of the needle holder is excluded. Safe puncturing ... at a recommended low angle particularly for fragile veins. Safety needle protector The special needle protector of the Safety-Needle enables safe completion of blood collection by locking the needle in the...

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S-Monovette® GlucoEXACT - 12

S-Monovette® – Convincing Arguments for a Safe System Visible control of successful venipuncture The first blood drop immediately enters the S-Monovette® upon successful venipuncture with the assembled Safety-Needle, so the phlebotomist can be sure that the vein has been punctured. ✓ Cost savings from haemolysis rate reduction Studies* reveal that gentle aspiration of the blood sample as is possible using the S-Monovette® or a disposable syringe enables reduced haemolysis rates compared to blood collection with vacuum systems only. Strongly haemolytic samples, in particular, provide...

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S-Monovette® GlucoEXACT - 13

Cost savings using the Safety-Needle 140 Safety-Needles of the S-Monovette® system fit into a Multi-Safe disposal box. In comparison, five times the number of disposal boxes are needed to discard the same quantity of needles from vacuum systems. Consequently, using the S-Monovette® system involves significantly reduced disposal costs. Apart from the cost savings, the system also serves to decrease waste for an improved eco-balance. S-Monovette® Vacuum system 140 = 1 box 140 = 5 boxes Packaging • User-friendly box packaging for environment-conscious disposal • Space-saving storage thanks to...

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S-Monovette® A Range of Sizes and Preparations Colour codes that suit your requirements

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S-Monovette® – Colour code Colour codes that suit your requirements According to EN 14820: 2004, Single-use containers for human venous specimen collection, an international agreement regarding a particular colour code is not in effect at the moment. Accordingly, Sarstedt provides both the EU and US colour code – to accommodate your individual requirements! EU Code US Code Serum (Clotting Activator)) S-Monovettes contain beads coated with a clotting activator (silicate). As a rule, this clotting additive enables the blood to clot within 20 to 30 minutes and the sample can be centrifuged....

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S-Monovette® GlucoEXACT - 16

Special S-Monovette® & S-Sedivette® S-Monovette® ThromboExact ... for suspected pseudothrombocytopenia Pseudothrombocytopenia, a preanalytical phenomenon, describes an erroneously low thrombocyte count. Generally, pseudothrombocytopenia is caused by thrombocyte aggregation. Early detection of this phenomenon ensures that the diagnostic and therapeutic consequences of a thrombocytopenia misdiagnosis are avoided. The S-Monovette® ThromboExact has been approved to prevent the formation of thrombocyte aggregation. Apart from the most common aggregation caused by EDTA, multiple aggregation (e.g....

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