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Laboratory Automation for Pre- and Post-Analytics System Solutions for Clinical Laboratories and Microbiology

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SARSTEDT International Your partner in medicine and science worldwide The Company – Foundation and History Ever since the company was established in 1961, progress has been a top priority. Today, the SARSTEDT Group is a global company with 13 production sites in Europe, North America and Australia and 2,600 employees. For decades, research and purpose-oriented product development using innovative technologies, along with constant dialogue with the customer, have been decisive factors in asserting our current market position as a leading supplier of laboratory and diagnostic products....

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Laboratory Automation System Solutions for Clinical Laboratories and Microbiology “Optimally compatible modular system components and tailor-made service for the whole system: that’s what we expect from high quality laboratory technology! And that is what we get with SARSTEDT!” Clinical Laboratories Stand-Alone Solutions for Decapping & Recapping The Compact, Combined Solution for Decapping, Recapping and Sorting 900 Flex ID • DC 900 Flex • RC 900 Flex • DC/RC 900 Flex • The Compact Standalone Aliquoter • Solution for Sample Entry • Modular Solutions for Complete Pre- and Post-Analytics...

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Automation for Clinical Laboratories The importance of laboratory automation has grown considerably in recent years. Saturated markets, intense competition and high cost pressures inevitably require the organisation, optimisation and automation of laboratory processes. With more than 20 years’ experience in the development, manufacturing and distribution of laboratory automation systems, we are competent consultants for our customers in this area. Our solutions guarantee maximum your processes safer, more As a provider of system solutions, we have a broad product portfolio of compact...

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Stand-Alone Solutions for Decapping and Recapping Inner heading 18pt Evaporation protection Throug hpu up to 1 t of tubes p ,200 er hou r Distribution Throug hpu up to 1 t of tubes p ,200 er hou r Linear rack Linear rack Linear rack DC 1200 Automated decapping for tube diameters of • Tubes from various manufacturers with screw caps or push caps are opened in a mixed operation Decapping is carried out in the analysis rack – no reloading required Throughput of up to 1,200 tubes per hour Prevents chronic repetitive strain injury (RSI) Minimises evaporation RC 1200 S Automated recapping with a...

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DC/RC 900 Flex Sorter Clinical Laboratories 900 Flex ID DC 900 Flex The compact, combined solution for decapping, recapping and sorting RC 900 Flex DC/RC 900 Flex DC/RC 900 Flex Pre- and post-analytics in the one compact device High throughput of up to 900 tubes per hour Compatible with all common rack or carrier systems Opens tubes with stoppers and screw caps Can sort by order, barcode, material, etc. Recapping of tubes with archiving push cap The DC/RC 900 Flex combines pre- and post-analytics in a single compact standalone system. This ensures optimum utilisation of materials along with...

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AL-Flex - The Compact Stand-alone Aliquoter Inner heading 18pt Clinical Laboratories AL- Flex For subdistribution into secondary tubes AL-Flex Intelligent volume management • Contamination-free pipetting • Integrated barcode labelling of aliquot tubes • XY unit Compatible with aliquot tubes in three sizes Sorting/ archiving To achieve the shortest analysis time possible, tests must be conducted on several analysis devices at the same time. For this purpose, sample material from a primary tube is distributed into one or several secondary tubes. Compared with other pre-analytical work steps,...

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Loading of unracked sample tubes • Ideal in combination with any analysis line Sample tubes can be fed in bulk, no pre-sorting or pre-packing required Bulk loader those with false bottoms • Automated sample entry accessioning Task-orientated sorting into a variety of carrier systems or bins Sorting/ archiving For all sample types (serum/plasma, serum gel/ plasma gel, EDTA, citrate, blood sugar, urine) Safe, rapid and error-free continuous operation Target bins System range: BL 1200 – from bulk loader to rack • Throughput of up to 1,200 tubes per hour Up to 600 tubes per platform sorting...

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Multifunctional concept with high sample throughput Tube decapping Sorting into analyser racks Tube recapping after analysis Sorting tubes into archiving racks Pre- and post-analytics in one compact device High throughput of up to 1,200 tubes per hour Sample accessioning Compatible with all common rack and carrier systems Recapping of tubes with archiving push cap with screw caps • modules Sorting/ archiving At a throughput of up to 1,200 tubes per hour, the sample tubes before and after analysis tasks. Depending on the sample material, centrifuged or non-centrifuged tubes are placed...

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Sample Distribution System PVSheading 18pt Inner All-in-one system for pre- and post-analytics Ideal in combination with any analysis line with: - Sample loading in racks or in bulk - ID module - Decapper - Recapper - Aliquoter - Sorter • For all common tube types: 13–16 mm in diameter and 65–100 mm in length Compatible with most racks and carrier types The PVS 1625 is a tailor-made automation system for pre- and post-analytical processing of samples. It is not bound to a particular rack or carrier system, but can process any source or target carrier. As an open system, it is complementary...

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Modular Design Ensures Maximum Flexibility Inner heading 18pt Modules Sample loading Identification Decapping Aliquoting Bulk loader Linear rack A emble ailored o Assemble a system tailored to Sample loading Bulk loader Opening (decapper) Sorting/ archiving Closing (recapper) Sorting/ archiving Linear rack Tube type: Cap colour, length, diameter Archiving push caps Plausibility check Screw caps for Sarstedt tubes (e.g. S-Monovette®) Target bins Closed sample tubes are loaded by pouring them into the chute of the Bulk Loader module without having to handle each individual tube separately....

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