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Urine Analysis Solutions for sample collection

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SARSTEDT International Your partner in medicine and science worldwide For further information, visit:

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Urine Analysis - 3

‘Hippocrates analysed the odour and colour of urine as long ago as 400 BC, and urine analysis still plays a key role in diagnostic examination.’ Sarstedt has decades of experience in the production of medical devices, and develops and manufactures high-quality urine diagnostic products. We use only selected materials to manufacture our products that are best suited to meet pre-analytical requirements in terms of collection, transportation, storage, and preparation of human or veterinary test samples. Our products offer functions that are perfectly tailored to the individual applications of...

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Urine Analysis - 4

Urine Monovette® Urine Monovette® – hygienic and needle-free Routine and diligent pre-analytics form the basis for any carefully executed urine analysis. The completely needle-free and hygienic Urine Monovette® is an all-in-one solution that also enhances patient and user safety. Hygienic sample collection and transport Needle-free sample collection The urine sample is hygienically removed from a collection cup using the supplied suction tip. The gentle aspiration method helps retain particularly sensitive components of the urine sediment, such as urinary casts for microscopic assessment....

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Urine Analysis - 5

Urine Monovette® Urine Monovette® Hygienic and efficient workflow • • • • The suction tip (included with all Urine Monovettes) allows hygienic withdrawal of urine from a collection cup Commercially available test strips for urine analysis can be placed directly into the filled Urine Monovette® The Urine Monovette® can be used in a centrifuge to recover sediment Suitable for transportation and mailing in accordance with packaging instruction P650 of the ADR and IATA Packaging units/case Paper label Transparent label Transparent label, individually wrapped, sterile Transparent label Paper label...

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Urine Analysis - 6

Urine Monovette® with stabiliser Urine Monovette® with stabiliser When it comes to bacteriological urine testing, the Urine Monovette® with boric acid offers all the benefits of the Urine Monovette® plus effective stabilisation of microorganisms contained in the urine. Fill level line Defined fill level line ensures reliable stabilisation Luer cone Safety of patients and nursing staff enhanced thanks to needle-free sample collection from some catheter ports Plunger Optimal sample quality thanks to gentle aspiration Cap Certified pressure tightness (ADR/IATA) means the cap is always secure...

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Urine Analysis - 7

Urine sample collection with stabiliser Urine Monovette® with stabiliser* • Stabilises microorganisms immediately after sample collection for up to 48 hours • The bacteriostatic effect of boric acid on the most important causes of urinary tract infections has been proven • Urine collection and transportation of the sample in a single container Material Packaging units/case Transparent label Paper label Transparent label, individually wrapped, sterile Paper label, individually wrapped, sterile Extra suction tips Order no. 10.251 Packaging units/case Screw cap urine tube with stabiliser*...

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Urine Analysis - 8

V-Monovette® Urine The vacuum system for closed urine transfer Hygienic and convenient for patient and user, the V-Monovette® Urine system sets optimal pre-analytical standards for routine urine diagnostics. You can rely on guaranteed sterility and hygienic urine collection. Transportation, storage, and subsequent laboratory testing can all take place using the V-Monovette® Urine. This, in addition to a range of options, makes the V-Monovette® Urine a practical and efficient solution for reliable urine diagnostics. Closed urine transfer for volumes above 20 ml Safety label with warning Safety...

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Urine Analysis - 9

V-Monovette® Urine with stabiliser and 24h urine collection container V-Monovette® Urine with boric acid stabiliser • Stabilises the microorganisms in the urine, plus offers the benefits of a closed system • When filled to the nominal volume, the urine is effectively stabilised for up to 48 hours at room temperature Order no. Round base, paper label, sterile Round base, paper label, sterile Packaging units/case 3 litre urine collection container with integral transfer device • Convenient horizontal sample transfer at volumes > 1200 ml: The integral transfer device is always located on the...

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Urine Analysis - 10

UriSet 24 UriSet 24 The complete set for standardised, patient-friendly, 24-hour urine collection With 3,000 ml capacity, ergonomic handle, large-diameter (80 mm) mouth, and transparent inspection strip with 100 ml graduation increments to facilitate volume confirmation 2 Collection and transfer container The integrated urine collection cup enables patient-friendly collection and hygienic transfer of the urine from the collection container to the transport tube. The hydrochloric acid (9 ml, 20%) included in the set is predosed into a glass bottle with safety dropper. Advantages: No...

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Urine Analysis - 11

Urine collection containers Urine collection containers • Fill volume 3,000 ml, 2,000 ml, 500 ml or 250 ml • Ergonomic recessed handle for secure grip of the 3 L collection bottle • Large-diameter mouth Material Packaging units/case Brown with clear inspection strip and 100 ml graduations, yellow PP screw cap, self-adhesive label in German included Brown with clear inspection strip and 100 ml graduations, yellow PP screw cap, self-adhesive label in English included Brown with 100 ml graduations, yellow PP screw cap, self-adhesive label in English/German included Brown, with black HD-PE...

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Urine Analysis - 12

Urine cup – with screw cap Urine cup Our wide selection of user-friendly urine cups meets all of the requirements for collection, transport, and storage of urine samples. The variety of volumes as well as the availability of snap-on lid and screw cap options mean the products come with practical features that are suitable for a wide range of individual solutions. Safety label guarantees sterility Documentation of batch and shelf life Reliable patient identification thanks to large labeling area 70 ml cup, highly transparent with yellow HD-PE screw cap Order no. Packaging units/case Cup with...

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