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Air pressure controller. For in vitro use only. - 2 Pages

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Air pressure controller. For in vitro use only.

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Air pressure controller For in vitro use only Technical specifications Max inlet pressure Optimal accessories Pneumatic Tube Description The air pressure controller (APC), is a control unit to adapt an existing pressure source for use with any pressurised concentrator. The APC can be used with any pressure source terminating in 6 mm or 4 inch pneumatic tubing, and having a maximum pressure of 10 bar. Installation For permanent installation the APC is best positioned at eye level on a laboratory partition or wall, but for intermittent use may be connected to pressure when required, placed flat on a bench and operated via the extension line fitted with the appropriate adapter. Mounting Instructions 1. Open the front panel by removing the 4 screws. 2. Align the regulator on the wall and mark mounting position through the recessed holes at the corners of the rear panel. 3. Use the plugs and screws provided to securely attach the regulator assembly to the wall. 4. Refit front panel. 5. Link existing air supply to the pressure inlet on the side of the box using 6 mm pneumatic tubing. Warning: Check that available pressure does not exceed 10 bar. Dimensions L|W|H

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Operation Set the Controller to the desired level. (A relief valve, factory set at 5 bar does not allow operation above this pressure). Lift the regulator knob to unlock and turn, clockwise to increase pressure, counter clockwise to decrease pressure. When the desired pressure is set and stable, press the regulator knob to lock. Ordering information Pack size Product number Air pressure controller (APC) complete with pressure gauge, regulator, over-pressure safety valve, female connector to Sartorius Biotech pressure products, 1 m extension line (4 mm pneumatic tubing) with male and female...

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