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ambr® 15 cell culture Transient Transfection

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sartoriusstedim biotech Application Note Automated transient transfection using the Life Technologies ™ Expi293 expression system in ambr 15 cell culture microscale bioreactors Introduction The ambr 15 cell culture system allows for automated, high throughput operation of up to 48 x 15 mL transient transfection cultures using the Life Technologies Expi293™ Expression System. Background The ambr 15 cell culture system performs key culture management operations: media fill, inoculation, addition of transfection reagents and enhancers, sample removal and also controls culture pH and dissolved oxygen. Predefined software templates automate liquid handling operations for the Expi 293 protocol. All that is required of the user is the loading of disposable components, vessels, reagents and transfer of samples for any external analysis. Processes can be easily modified to fit experimental needs, while also providing on-demand control along with advanced options for more complex procedures. The experiment schedule is also freed from normal working hours, since operations may take place during weekends and nights. Depending on platform needs, automation will extend the ability to create more product variants, create them faster, achieve higher yields with less effort, employ more test/control replicates, use less lab space, and reduce manual errors. ambr 15 cell culture system features - Automated workstation which fits into a standard 4 or 6 ft hood - Optional integrated Vi-CELL® cell viability analyzer - Disposable ambr micro bioreactor vessels, pipette tips, reagent plates (typically 24 deep well) and sample vessel (ViCell cups or 96 well plate) - Easy-to-use software (controlled from laptop) Expi293 Expression System - Expi293F™ Cells - Expi293™ Expression Medium - ExpiFectamine™ Transfection Reagent 

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Software Software enables easy experiment construction and controls and monitors all experiments, with full audit trail. Liquid handling unit For media, feed and reagent addition plus sampling from the bioreactor vessels. Unit includes dual pipette heads, automated vessel decapper and plate delidder. Labware lid management Lids are automatically removed prior to liquid transfer and replaced afterwards. Example data table ready for import into the ambr 15 cell culture system Example layouts for reagent and feed plates (24 deepwell plates) Method The reagent volumes and control parameters...

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Flexibility The ambr software allows for nearly unlimited variation of cell culture processes. Templates for running Expi293 Expression System are available, but they may be edited by the user and application support is also available from Sartorius' ambr Product Specialists on request. New templates may be written in about a half a day, though most processes will be run from existing templates. The ambr software handles parameter shifts, conditional operations and feed algorithms, based on glucose or other variables (offline data may be imported). Any part of the transfection that...

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Contact Sartorius or Life Technologies today, to find out how the combination of the ambr and Expi293 platforms can revolutionize your high throughput protein expression program. Life Technologies Email UK Email US UK Life Technologies Ltd 3 Fountain Drive Inchinnan Business Park Paisley PA4 9RF United Kingdom Phone +44.800.269.210 Fax +44.800.243.485 North America Life Technologies Attn: Customer Service 3175 Staley Road Grand Island NY 14072 USA Phone +1.800.955.6288 Fax +1.800.331.2286 Sartorius Stedim...

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