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ambr®  15 cell culture

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Consumables and Accessories for ambr® 15 cell culture This brochure lists the consumables currently available for the ambr 15 cell culture system. To order consumables please contact your local office, details on the back cover of this brochure or email orders at A full list is available online at

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ambr 15 vessels, with sparge tube Part no. 001-0B80 ambr 15 single use micro bioreactors with sparge tube, are designed to mimic the characteristics of larger scale bioreactors as accurately as possible. The vessels include integrated impeller and sparge tube, plus pH and DO sensors. Pack contains 24 irradiated vessels, individually wrapped. ambr 15 vessels, no sparge tube Part no. 001-0B81 ambr 15 single use micro bioreactors without a sparge tube. Gassing is into the headspace, avoiding foam formation. This vessel type is ideal where addition of antifoam must be avoided. The...

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Pipette Tips 5 mL disposable pipette tips, sterilized Part no. A-0039 ambr 15 5 mL pipette tips are ideal for larger volume liquid handling, primarily media filling. ambr 15 is configured to operate using these high precision robotic tips. Max working volume 4 mL. Pack contains 8 racks of 24 tips, individually wrapped. 1 mL disposable pipette tips, sterilized Part no. A-0040 ambr 15 1 mL pipette tips are ideal for lower volume sampling and liquid handling. ambr 15 is configured to operate using these high precision robotic tips. Max working volume 0.9 mL. Pack contains 10 racks of 96 tips,...

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ambr® 15 Consumables Kits 24 Well deep well plates Part no. A-0038 ambr 15 24 well deep well plates hold reagents and feeds on the workstation deck, before being added to ambr 15 vessels. The plates can also hold samples harvested from ambr 15 vessels. Pack contains 25 sterile plates with lids, individually wrapped. Working volume 8 mL per well, 24 wells per plate. 4 Row plates Part no. A-0067 ambr 15 4 row plates hold reagents and feeds on the workstation deck, before being added to ambr vessels. The intermediate volume makes these plates suitable for media screening or large volume...

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ambr 15 consumables are also available to order as part of a supply contract. With regular pre-agreed shipments every three months, the consumables contract removes the need for frequent re-ordering of ambr 15 consumables and also provides a discount according to the quantity agreed. For further details please contact:

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For further contacts, visit Europe Germany Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH August-Spindler-Strasse 11 37079 Goettingen Phone +49.551.308.0 Fax +49.551.308.3289 Sartorius Stedim Systems GmbH Robert-Bosch-Strasse 5 - 7 34302 Guxhagen Phone +49.5665.407.0 Fax +49.5665.407.2200 France Sartorius Stedim FMT S.A.S. ZI des Paluds Avenue de Jouques - CS 91051 13781 Aubagne Cedex Phone +33.442.845600 Fax +33.442.845619 Sartorius Stedim France SAS ZI des Paluds Avenue de Jouques - CS 71058 13781 Aubagne Cedex Phone +33.442.845600 Fax +33.442.846545 Austria Sartorius Stedim...

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