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ambr®  250 Consumables and Accessories

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Consumable and Accessories for the ambr® 250 System This brochure lists the consumables currently available for the ambr 250 bioreactor system. To order consumables please contact your local office, details on the back cover of this brochure or email A full list is available online at

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Pipette Tips 10 mL disposable tips, irradiated Part no. 001-2G78 Irradiated ambr 250 10 mL pipette tips ensure accurate and precise larger volume liquid handling, primarily for sampling as well as media filling. ambr 250 is configured to operate using these high precision robotic tips. Max working volume 9 mL. Pack contains 5 racks of 24 tips, individually wrapped. 10 mL wide bore disposable tip, Irradiated Part no. 001-2G79 Similar to the 10 mL disposable tips however enables the use to aspirate liquids that have particulates ensuring accurate and precise liquid transfer of...

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ambr 250 consumables kit, Mammalian Part no. 001-2G53 For mammalian processes, essential ambr 250 consumables are available to order as a consumables kit. This is ideal as a startup kit as it includes all the essentials needed for at least one experiment on an ambr 250 bioreactor system. Kit contains 4 boxes of mammalian ambr 250 vessels, 3 boxes 10 mL tips, 1 box of 300 uL tips. ambr 250 consumables kit, Microbial Part no. 001-2G52 For microbial processes, essential ambr 250 consumables are available to order as a consumables kit. This is ideal as start-up kit as it includes all the...

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12-way bioreactor tube kit for 250/12 and 24, irradiated Part no. 001-2G64 A pack of 12 irradiated tube sets designed to deliver feed from one source bottle to 112 bioreactors. Each of the tube sets are individually packed to assist with aseptic connection. This pack is applicable to both 12-way and 24-way bioreactor system. With 12 individual tube sets per pack, one pack is capable of connecting one feed bottle to each pump for all 12 bioreactors, for 3 runs. However for a 24-way system this tube set is used for bioreactors 13-24. 4-way bioreactor tube kit, irradiated Part no. 001-2G61 A...

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Drip Catcher Pads Tubes and Tube Rack Lids 2 mL centrifuge tubes Part no. 001-2G96 These sample tubes hold up to 2 mL and are mainly used to store samples from the bioreactors. They are packed in such a way that the robotic liquid handler can transfer samples from the bioreaetor into them with precision and are designed to fit in the ambr 250 sample rack. Pack contains 500 tubes. 15 mL conical tubes Part no. 001-2G97 These sample tubes hold up to 15 mL and are mainly used to store samples from the bioreaetors. They are packed in such a way that the robotic liquid handler can aliquot samples...

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ambr 250 reagent bottle, 175 mL, pack of 12 Part no. 001-2G50 The 175 mL bottle is ideal for holding stock solution on the deck where it can be transferred from these bottles to other location by the liquid handler. The bottles are typically used to hold a media that is only required in small volumes. Pack contains 12 Irradiated bottles. ambr 250 feed reservoir bottle Part no.001-2G54 These bottles are designed to hold the liquid feed pump. These bottles Include cap with filtered vent and dip tube with Luer connector to join to feed line tubing. These are replacement bottles. Pack contains...

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Filters ambr 250 wash circuit filter, pack of 1 Part no. 001-2G92 This is a 0.2 pM liquid filter; the filter is connected to the wash circuit that ensures the pump housing remains sterile. The ambr 250 unit comes with a wash circuit filter installed and this one can be used to replace, if it requires changing. Pack contains 1 filter. Stirring Fleas Large magnetic stirring flea, pack of 5 Part no. 001-2G89 The large magnetic stirrers are designed |for the 1 L reagent bottle. These magnetic stirring fleas are designed in such a way that ensures that the reagent bottles do not get damaged...

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Accessories Below is a list of accessories currently available for the ambr250 system. To order accessories, please visit the TAP Biosystems website at or contact

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Cell counter sample cup rack Part no. 001-1G92 Microplate format rack for loading 24 ViCell/Cedex sample cups onto the ambr . 2 mL micro-centrifuge tube rack Part no. 001-2G55 Rack for holding 2 mL centrifuge tubes with the caps removed. This rack enables tubes to be correctly stacked on the work station sample positions. Spare labware holder for 15 mL conical tubes Part no. 001-2G56 Rack for holding 15 mL screw capped centrifuge tubes with caps removed. Tools and Adaptors ambr 250 clamp plate tool Part no. 001-2G85 This tool is used to secure the clamp plate into position while reducing...

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For further contacts, visit Europe Germany Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH August-Spindler-Strasse 11 37079 Goettingen Phone +49.551.308.0 Fax +49.551.308.3289 Sartorius Stedim Systems GmbH Robert-Bosch-Strasse 5 - 7 34302 Guxhagen Phone +49.5665.407.0 Fax +49.5665.407.2200 France Sartorius Stedim FMT S.A.S. ZI des Paluds Avenue de Jouques - CS 91051 13781 Aubagne Cedex Phone +33.442.845600 Fax +33.442.845619 Sartorius Stedim France SAS ZI des Paluds Avenue de Jouques - CS 71058 13781 Aubagne Cedex Phone +33.442.845600 Fax +33.442.846545 Austria Sartorius Stedim...

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