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sartoriusstedim biotech Cost Optimization and Extremely Fast Results in the Powdered Milk Production Process turning science

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In the production of powdered milk, it is essential that important information can be obtained quickly and reliably. The moisture content of materials plays a very significant role both in the pharmaceutical and food industries, because it has a direct influence on product quality and the processing of semi-finished and end products. NIR systems provide an optimal solution for quality assurance and an extremely high degree of cost-effectiveness. Particularly in the food industry, which involves many different pourable products as semi-finished and end products, the moisture content of...

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The Right Technology for Process Control For reliable and very fast process control, the important productrelevant parameters must be able to be determined simultaneously within the process, in order to replace conventional timeconsuming measurement methods. Furthermore, the measurement technology must be able to be easily integrated into the process without affecting or damaging the product being checked. The system must also be able to communicate with process control systems. NIR spectroscopy exactly meets all of these specifications, particularly for the production of powdered milk. The...

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