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BioPAT®  Pressure

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sartoriusstedim biotech Standardized Single-use Pressure MeasurementProduct Information Reliable pressure measurement is essential for a variety of process steps in the biopharmaceutical industry. The trend towards single-use products has created the need to provide the corresponding measuring methods for such applications. For example, the pressure measurement is used as a safety system for pressure monitoring on single-use containers or to measure the pressure upstream of a filter element to enable immediate shut-off of the pumps in the event of any blockage. In numerous other processes, like crossflow applications, pressure serves as a controlled variable. Method The BioPAT® Pressure system consists of a transducer (Fig. 1) and a single-use I-dome (Fig. 2), which can be incorporated into the appropriate tube sets. The system additionally includes a retaining sleeve (Fig. 3) that ensures greater process safety and secures the connection between transducer and I-dome. The transducer is an electronic precision measurement converter with active temperature compensation. Links to Automation The equipment supplied with the transducer includes a cable (length 5 m) that enables the BioPAT® Pressure system to be connected to any control device. The transducer requires a 24V DC power supply and is standard-equipped with an output signal of 4 - 20 mA.

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Round plug M12 xl, 4-pin U+ = 1 U- = 3 S+ = 4 The contacts on the cable are labelled as follows: U+ = brown; U- = blue; S+ = black The core has a cross section of 0.5 mm2. Validation | Quality Assurance    Further information can be found in The I-dome of the BioPAT® Pressure    our Extractable and Validation Guides. system was validated by a complicated and complex test procedure.    For detailed information, please contact your local Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH Biological, chemical and physical tests    representative. were combined with extractable | leachable tests to guarantee that...

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