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The BIOSTAT® D-DCU is a compact bioprocess system available in microbial or cell culture versions with vessel choices from 10 to 200L working volume. The optimized and proven design of the BIOSTAT® D-DCU is the result of thorough analysis of the most required features and functions from over thirty years of stainless steel fermenter | bioreactor design experience. This standardized solution eliminates design times, allows faster delivery, reduces cost, guarantees trouble free operation, allows for global service support as well as spare part availability. The BIOSTAT® D-DCU incorporates...

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Features – Single or Twin Configurations – Available in incremental sizes from 10 to 200 L – reconfigured systems or choose from P an extensive list of options – Powerful industrial rated DCU control system with 19” TFT color touch screen – Automatic Sterilization in Place (SIP) included A – utomatic Cleaning in Place (CIP) optional – Designed to interface single-use bags and sampling systems including the new TAKEONE® aseptic sampling system M – easurement and control opportunities of pH, DO, temperature, foam, level, vessel pressure, vessel weight, substrate addition, gas mixing,...

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Configure a System Utilizing Options (Like Gasmix, CIP) from a Baseline Unit Supply Unit The Supply Unit includes all process piping for temperature control as well as the exhaust and gas inlet lines. The open piping frame and ergonomic design of the skid allows for good and direct access to valves filter housings etc. All sanitary piping is sloped | self drained. The Supply Unit for culture vessels with 10 – 30 L offers a choice of lockable casters or leveling | support feet. The Supply Unit for culture vessel with 50 – 200 L is equipped with leveling | support feet. Furthermore, the...

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Control Tower The Control Tower is available in single or twin configurations. The integrated DCU control system belongs to the most proven and advanced bioprocess controllers ever developed. Utilizing proven technology and expert engineering, our existing in-house systems bring powerful control capabilities to the sophisticated biotechnology market. Proven industrial control hardware ensures reliable system performance. The DCU can be easily expanded and reconfigured to meet evolving research or process requirements, including scale-up from laboratory fermenters or scale-down to mimic...

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BIOSTAT ® D-DCU Gassing Strategies Airflow Utilizing one flow path for air, a flow meter visually indicates and controls the sparger flow rate. An optional mass flow controller may be integrated to control and measure the flow range via manual adjustment or automatically in conjunction with the DO controller. O2-Enrichment Utilizing two flow paths for Air and O2 flows, the flow meters visually indicate and allow manual adjustments of the sparger flow rate. O2 is pulsed via solenoid valve, flowing only when required to maintain the dissolved oxygen (DO) setpoint. Air is not provided at this...

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Gas Flow Ratio Utilizes two flow paths with mass flow control valves for Air and O2 flow. Flow meters visually indicate the flow of Air and O2. Both mass flow controllers can be operated manually or automatically in conjunction with the DO controller. Advanced Additive Flow Allows up to six gas flow paths. Solenoid valves select air, O2, N2 and CO2 for simultaneous flow to the sparger and air to overlay. Up to six flow meters visually indicate and set the flow rate for each gas. One additional gas flow path can be added to sparger or overlay outlet. Furthermore, two 3-way solenoid valves...

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BioPAT ® DCU – Automation Solutions for Advanced Process Control and Documentation Our DCU (digital control unit) controller belongs to the most proven, ­ eliable r and advanced bioprocess controllers ever developed. Use of a modular system design has enabled us to offer a broad range of flexible and cost-effective solutions for reusable and single-use systems from R&D to production. DCU control systems are specially tailored for ­ ermentation, cell culture and down f f stream processing like cross flow ­ iltration applications. DCU control systems allow for independent and simultaneous...

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BioPAT ® MFCS – The Bioprocess SCADA System BioPAT® MFCS is our SCADA software for supervisory bioprocess control and data acquisition. Provides GMP compliant documentation of your valuable process data and ensures reliable process control in combination with the advanced BIOSTAT® D-DCU for local process control. Supplied with every BIOSTAT ® D-DCU package, the new BioPAT® MFCS is ideal for efficient data acquisition and trend monitoring. The optional, advanced version of BioPAT® MFCS includes modules such as: – ulti-user network access for up to M 16 process units – utomation with recipes...

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Broad range of accessories available. Please contact us for further details.

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Package overview Control Unit Twin configuration optional Digital controller, color display with touch screen Control capabilities Temperature, pH, DO (Multi stage cascade), stirrer speed Foam via conductive sensor High Foam alarm Automatic full and empty vessel sterilization sequence Gear and maintenance free agitation motor Gassing strategy Flow meter sparger Flow meter overlay Advanced Additive Flow Automatic Gassing strategy of Air, O,, N,, CO, for sparger ► via solenoid valves (Mass Flow Controller optional) Peristaltic pumps (integrated) 2 for Base | Afoam unused pump can be...

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MO: Microbial Application; CC: Cell Culture Application Specifications are subject to change without notice

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Mobile CIP Unit - Technical Specification Technical Specification

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Detergent dosing unit Number of dosing units Pump | Flow rate Storage container volume | Material Instrumentation | Measurement range Function Conductivity sensor (high) Conductivity sensor (low) Level switch Pressure gauge External connections 1 (2nd optional) Diaphragm pump | up to 25 L/h 40 L | PE 1010 – 2000 mS 0.04 – 500 µS Dry run protection for pump – 1/5 bar Connection to BIOSTAT® D-DCU for automated CIP sequence control (valve

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