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BIOSTAT®  RM and Flexsafe®  RM

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® BIOSTAT  RM and Flexsafe® RM Bags ® The BIOSTAT  RM, a fully GMP compliant, single-use, wave-mixed bioreactor and Flexsafe® bags are proven for a broad range of different cell lines incl. CHO, NS0, SF9, E.coli and mesenchymal stem cells. Benefit from our excellent global application support and technical service and get started right away. Process Step – rotein and cell supply for P preclinical purposes – eed production for large S bioreactors – MP production G Cells – Mammalian, insect and plant cells – uspension cells and S adherent cells on microcarriers – ow to medium density L...

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Excellent Cell Growth and Robustness S ecurity of Supply & Consistent Quality Easy-to-use Rocker with Advanced Control Capabilities

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Use our Flexsafe® RM bags in your seed train and scale-up to our BIOSTAT STR® s ­ ingle-use stirred tank bioreactors equiped with Flexsafe STR® bags. Benefit from the same polyethylene film material across all your cell culture steps. Our Flexsafe® RM bags fit on rocking motion bioreactors from several manufacturers. Benefit from excellent cell growth, robustness and unprecedented assurance of supply. Cell Growth Cell Density Flexsafe® ensures an excellent and reproducible growth behavior with the most sensitive production cell lines. The complete control of our raw materials, the extrusion...

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® BIOSTAT  RM 20 | 50 Basic ® The BIOSTAT  RM 20 | 50 basic is a perfectly sized, stand-alone bioreactor for benchtop use. It features an exchangeable bag holder to fit bags from 1 L to 50 L total ® volume. The BIOSTAT  RM basic rocker with integrated local controller, Air | CO2 mixing module and load cells is the optimal choice for straight forward applications such as seed generation. – pace-saving, individual control of two S bags on the same platform – dvanced alarming and safety features A for safe cultivation – educed manual handling via autom

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Advanced Control System Do you want to run fully automated and controlled batch, fed-batch or high cell density ® perfusion cultures? Combine your basic rocker with our BIOSTAT  B control tower and use ® Flexsafe RM bags equiped with single-use pH, DO and now also viable biomass probes. – dvanced control of gas mixture and flow rate, filling volume and ­ ubstrate addition A s – xtra small space requirement with TWIN configuration – two culture ­ ystems E s c ­ ontrolled by one controller at the same time ® Your BIOSTAT  B controller is designed to work with a conventional glass vessel, the...

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® BIOSTAT  B with RM 200 Rocker ® ® The system consists of the BIOSTAT  RM 200 Rocker, BIOSTAT  B control tower on lab-cart ® and Flexsafe RM cultivation bag. It is your choice for larger scale seed expansion and production of material for preclinical and clinical studies. It supports working volumes ­ ® from 10 L up to 100 L. Together with our proven BIOSTAT  B control tower, flexible process strategies can be enabled. – ow consumable costs comL pared to stirred single-use bioreactors – eliable single-use probes R for measurement of pH, DO and viable biomass – esigned for automated D...

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* Bags with sensors might require higher minimum working volumes depending on rocking rate and angle. ( ) - optional, needs to be ordered separately ** ATF cell retention system from Repligen *** C-Flex® and PharMed® are registered trademarks of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation.

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BIOSTAT® B with RM 20 | 50 Rocker and BIOSTAT® B with RM 200 Rocker max. 4 internal and 2 external pumps, thereof 3 speed controlled per side Built-in Pumps Fixed Speed - Speed 5 rpm Flow rate (tubing wall thickness 1.6 mm) - Speed 44 rpm Flow rate (tubing wall thickness 1.6 mm) Speed Controlled - Speed 0.15 - 5 rpm Flow rate (tubing wall thickness 1.6 mm) - Speed 5 - 150 rpm Flow rate (tubing wall thickness 1.6 mm) External Pumps Speed Controlled Watson Marlow 114, Fast Load pump head ID: 0.5 mm: 0-0.1 ml/min ID: 0.8 mm: 0.05-2.4 ml/min ID: 1.6 mm: 0.01-0.7 ml/min ID: 2.4 mm: 0.03-1.5...

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Communication ® BIOSTAT  RM 20 | 50 Basic ® BIOSTAT  B with RM 20 | 50 Rocker ® BIOSTAT  B with RM 200 Rocker Industrial Ethernet ® The BIOSTAT  RM rocker is designed to communicate with with i ­ndustrial SCADA or DCS systems (e.g. DeltaV) through the s ­ tandard Modbus RTU or an optional

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Sales and Service Contacts Sales and Service Contacts es and furtherand Contacts ales andfurthercontacts, Contacts ales SalesServicevisit andService Contacts For Service Service Contacts For contacts, visit further For further rher contacts, visit visit further contacts, contacts, visit contacts, visit Europe Europe urope ope Europe urope Americas Americas Americas Americas Americas Americas Asia|Pacific || Pacific Asia|Pacific Pacific...

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