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sartoriusstedim biotech Fermentation Technologies Introduction The BIOSTAT® RM is a single use, wave-mixed bioreactor for culture volumes from 100 mL to 300 L. The system consists of a rocker unit with bag holder, a digital controller and a disposable bag. The bag, which forms the cultivation chamber, is mounted on the rocker platform and contains the medium and the cells. Due to the wave in the bag, generated by the moving platform, the media surface is renewed constantly, providing bubble-free aeration with low shear. Applications - Cultivation with or without pH and DO feedback control - Cultivation of mammalian, insect and plant cells - Cultivation of stem cells - Seed bioreactor - Cost efficient cell mass, protein, Mab & vaccine production BIOSTAT® RM Product Family Description The RM product family comprises four different bioreactor sizes, 20 L, 50 L, 200 L and 600 L in different configurations. For applications where advanced control is not required instruments are available without pH and DO measurement (basic systems). For more complex processes optical systems with sophisticated feedback control for all process parameters including pH and DO are available as well as perfusion systems for fully automated continuous cultivations. BIOSTAT® RM 20 and 50 share the identical rocker unit and differ in size of the bag holder, which can be exchanged from 20 L to 50 L and vice versa. Basic Systems Basic systems are designed for stand alone bench top use and allow controlling rocking rate, angle, and temperature. An internal gassing module can be added for aeration with air and CO2 to work with a fixed CO2 concentration of 0-15% in the process gas. The digital controller is directly integrated into the rocker unit and operated with an easy to use colour touch screen directly on the rocker. Features of the BIOSTAT® RM basic include: - Setting of rocking rate and angle - Individual temperature control of two bags (1 L, 2 L, 10 L) or one bag (20 L, 50 L) - Independent gassing of two bags (0-500 ml/min) or one bag (0-1000 ml/min) via integrated optional gassing module - Setting of the bag configuration: will automatically select the right gassing and temperature control parameters of the system - Integrated Air | CO2 mixing by optional gassing module - Air supply, switchable between internal air pump or process gas (when gassing module selected) - Positioning of the platform for harvest and sampling - 2 Filter heaters made of PC, plug directly into rocker base - Color coded plugs and socket for easy operation - Tube and cable organizer at the sides of the bag holder - Security function, check plug in of filter heater when gassing is switched on - Alarm display - 3 different user level (Administrator, User, Locked) - Trend display for data visualization - Time and date display - Selection of control mode: Local or DCU - Potential free alarm contact - RS232 serial interface for communication with PC running - Optional Ethernet interface with communication protocol for connection to third party software - Optional ProfiBus DP interface with communication protocol for connection to third party software

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Optical Systems The BIOSTAT® RM Optical provides full process automation with sophisticated feed back control. In addition to the rocker unit, it comprises a BIOSTAT® DCU (digital control unit) tower. The control tower is connected to the rocking unit for monitoring and controlling the culture, including pO2, pH, agitation, and temperature in batch and fed batch mode of operation. Pre-calibrated, single-use optical sensors are included in the bag for the measurement of DO and pH. Perfusion Systems The BIOSTAT® RM Perfusion systems allow fully automated, continuous processes. The single-use...

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BIOSTAT ® RM Digital Control Unit (DCU) – abinet contains measurement & control C hardware, pumps & gassing system Temperature Control Choice between heating only and heating | cooling by optional thermostat unit – eparate from rocker unit (RM 20, RM 50, S RM 600) or installed on a same skid (RM 200) Heating Only – Electrical heating blankets on bag holder – raphical user interface with colour display G and touch screen operation – ntegrated amplifiers for temperature, I p ­ ressure, single use DO and pH sensors – ntegrated control loops for temperature, I DO, pH, rocker speed, rocker...

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Technical Specifications BIOSTAT ® RM 20 | 50 Optical & Perfusion Total volume Minimum working volume (bags with sensors may require higher minimum volumes) Maximum working volume Bag Holder | Rocker ABS Stainless steel Clamping rails for bag fixation Pressure sensor with gassing ­ safety shut off + (in combination with gassing module) Proportional valve to maintain bag pressure at constant level Redundant overpressure relieve valve Sensor clamps for secure f ­ ixation of glass fiber cables Filter heater Integrated into rocker Potential free alarm contact Color touch screen Different user...

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BIOSTAT® RM 20 | 50 Optical & Perfusion Gassing Module Optical Systems Rotameter - O2 -N_ - CO2 - Air Mass flow controllers for: - CO2 - total flow (Air, O2, N2) Multi-channel DO cascade control Agitation Rocker speed (rpm), electronic adjustment Rocker angle (°), electronic adjustment DO and pH Measurement pH range DO range Amplier for optical single-use DO sensor Amplier for optical single-use pH sensor Recalibration Function for - Disposable DO sensor - Disposable pH sensor Interface - Analogue    IN    N/A - Analogue    OUT    N/A BioPAT® MFCS/DA    x Pumps & Balances Digital pumps...

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