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System Features Single-Use Production Platform of the Future The BIOSTAT STR® fully scalable, single-use bioreactor family offers working volumes from 12.5 L to 2000 L and is based on conventional stirred-tank design. It is now available in its second generation with improved hardware design, Flexsafe STR® bags for excellent cell growth and robustness and single-use, non-invasive biomass monitoring. The complete control of our Flexsafe® bag production process - from the resin to the final sterilized bag - guarantees you consistent lot-to-lot cell growth performance, even of the most...

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System Features Accelerate Your Development – Rely on Proven Scalability Sartorius Stedim Biotech offers classic stirred-tank design in single-use bioreactors, from ambr® 250 to BIOSTAT STR® 2000. – Geometrical similarity of vessel design Simplify your scale-up and scale-down studies – Consistent mixing and gassing strategies Easily switch between reusable and single-use bioreactors – Reliable single-use sensor platform Mitigate risks during process transfers Cell line Development Process Development – Mammalian, insect and stem cell culture – High cell density cultures exceeding 150...

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Technical Data Seamless scalability in single use from early process development to commercial production Production – ntibodies and A recombinant proteins – Vaccines – Cell and gene therapy For further details please have a look at: www.s

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System Features Advanced Functionality The BIOSTAT STR® bioreactor system is comprised of a stainless steel bag holder, with new, improved design, a single-use Flexsafe STR® bag with advanced single use sensor solutions and a superior control system that can easily be connected to third party SCADA systems such as Delta V™. Easy Installation Even at 2,000 L Scale Install our bioreactor bags in next to no time thanks to our large door, the fixed motor position and an easily accessible filter holder position. Prevent tube and cable spaghetti with our cable and tube management system. Larger...

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Technical Data Advanced Aeration Concept Attain high oxygen transfer rates and minimize foaming with our innovative sparging element that combines a 0.8 mm ring sparger and a 150 gm micro-sparger with defined hole sizes. Remove excessive CO2 using a stripping gas flow. Benefit from optimal gas bubble size and homogeneous distribution. Proven Stirrer Design Achieve excellent fluid flow dynamics -comparable to classic stirred-tank bioreactors - with two impellers on a magnetically coupled center-line shaft. Choose between Rushton and 3-blade segment impeller designs. Local Controller with...

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System Features Intuitive and Industry-Proven Local Control ® ® Benefit from our industry-proven, robust and intuitive-use local control platform for our BIOSTAT  bioreactors, SARTOFLOW  ® crossflow filtration units and FlexAct configurable systems. Available in its fourth generation, with new, improved features. – inimizes training and enables you to start your process right away M – Increases operator flexibility – Mitigates human error Centralized User | Password Management Utilizing Windows® Domain Login Central management of user rights for your bioprocess equipment has never been...

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Technical Data Integration and Connectivity at Its Best Our BIOSTAT STR® provides the right interfaces and tools to connect to supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) or distributed control systems (DCS ) – regardless if you chose to work with our BioPAT® MFCS as a ready-to-use solution or connect to your specific company SCADA or DCS solution. BioPAT® MFCS – Turnkey SCADA Solution Specialized for bioprocesses, BioPAT® MFCS is designed as a “plug-and-play” tool for advanced SCADA functionalities. It is ideally suited for capturing, storing and visualizing process data of...

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System Features Conventional Stirred-Tank Design Ease of Use Large doors provide easy access for safe bag installation. Our ease-of-use concept enables fast and straight­ orward f installation even of large-scale bags up to 2,000 L. The torospherical Flexsafe STR® bags fit perfectly into the bagholder – preventing creases and crinkles. Lifting device for easy installation of 2,000 L bags Easy Implementation Flexible Combinations Gamma-sterilized Flexsafe STR® bags are ready to use. Sterile connection and disconnection devices, like our BioWelder® and BioSealer® can be used for safe...

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Technical Data Geometrical similarity from 50 L to 2,000 L Configurable Flexsafe STR® Bag Design The bags feature a 1:4 turndown ratio. Flexsafe STR® bags are individually configurable, offering multiple options for tubing, connectors, spargers and agitation devices to cover all process demands. Pre-configured standard bags are readily available from stock – the choice is all yours. Tubing Options Choose between silicone and C-Flex® 374 tubing in various diameters. Internal dip tubes for inoculation or carrier-free harvesting. Sparger Type Choose between just using the 0.8 mm ring sparger...

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System Features Safe and Convenient Single-Use Processing Flexsafe® – One Film Across All Single-Use Applications Flexsafe® meets your requirements for outstanding robustness and ease of use throughout all steps of single-use processing – from rocking motion or stirred tank bioreactor cell culture, through to large-scale mixing to shipping of drug products. In addition, Flexsafe® reduces time and expense for process validation, extractable and leachable studies, toxicology assessment and stability studies. 1– 200 L total volume Flexsafe® RM

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Technical Data Cell Growth Cell Density Flexsafe® ensures excellent and reproducible growth behavior of the most sensitive production cell lines. The complete control of our raw materials, the extrusion process and the bag assembly guarantees consistent lot-to-lot cell growth performance. We optimized the resin and minimized the additive package, in collaboration with our resin and film suppliers. Reference: Borosilicate Glass Flexsafe® Bags Standard Bags Independent labs have confirmed that Flexsafe® bags are free of cytotoxic leachables. No bDtBPP is identified in WFI extracts of...

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