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Cubis® The Lab Balance  That Adapts to Your Process

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That Adapts to Your Process turning science into solutions

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… and Not the Other Way Round! Universal lab balances often have only limited options for adaptation to special workflows in laboratories. Usually, a situation results where SOPs have to be modified to work around the balance functionalities available. Sartorius Cubis® balances overcome these limitations. They are the first laboratory balances that Modularity Operating Design Q-Apps Applications Leveling Communication Draft Shield Microbalances High-capacity Models Safe Weighing Advanced Pharma Compliance Specifications not only can be seamlessly integrated into your individual workflows....

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à la Carte or Fully Customized? Since its launch, the Cubis® premium lab balance has established itself as a benchmark for use in regulated sectors like global pharmaceutical labs with the most stringent requirements. These users expect the best possible performance across the board, but only want to invest in what is necessary. Cubis® meets all these requirements. As the first entirely modulardesign balance, display and control units, weighing modules, draft shield models, interfaces and much more can be freely combined. Users can choose from thousands of options to configure their balance...

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Operating Design Safe and Easy to Use with Standard Q-Guide or with Personalized Q-Apps Personalized – Even Better than Configured In addition to the standard user interface Q-Guide, Cubis® offers a new opportunity for using personalized solutions with Q-Apps. From a variety of downloadable Q-Apps that cover special laboratory applications, Q-Apps can be adapted to your individual operating procedure or be created for your special needs and requirements right from the start.

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In addition to aspects strictly involving metrological specifications, preparing for and performing a weighing procedure and meeting the relevant regulatory standards are gaining ever-increasing importance. With the Q-Guide user interface, work tasks are not only faster but Q-Guide eliminates the need for the user to follow time-consuming working steps. MSA – The Ultimate Solution – op-of-the-line technology and T information design. – ouch screen featuring high-resolution T color TFT for brilliant reproduction of text and graphics. – utstanding ease of use and display O quality, especially...

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A Multitude of Standardized Q-Apps If you have a weighing task that cannot be fulfilled by one of the Q-Apps from the App Center, contact your responsible Cubis® individual specialist. Just for you, the specialist will create an individual Q-App that is adapted to your task. Pleas? ctnttf «titiin*r cm Pan) Application Example Application Example Q-App Formulation

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The Sartorius App Center – Downloading and Testing You can simply download any standard Q-App from the Sartorius App Center and transfer it from an SD card to a Cubis® balance. Afterwards, you can test the Q-App of your choice for 30 days free-of-charge and convince yourself of its function. Easy Licensing for Permanent Use of Q-Apps To permanently use your Q-App on your Cubis® balance, you must first activate it. Just enter the serial number of your Cubis® balance as well as your personal data, and in just a few minutes you will receive your personal activation key. Laptops and PCs are...

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Individual Integration into Your Application The processes in this world’s pharmaceutical labs are only similar at first glance. The requirements are very individual, especially when you consider the subprocess of weighing. Every user has his or her own approach to initial weighing and related processes, like preparing the sample, selecting the container, introducing the sample into the weighing container and further processing for the next analytical step. The lab balance must simply adapt to your entire process – not the other way round. With its sensible array of optional accessories,...

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Q-Grip Q-Grip (optional accessory YFH01MS) is a flexible and adaptable "one-size-fits-all" holder for bottles, test tubes, reaction containers or filters (up to 120 mm) for all Cubis® semi-microbalances and analytical balances. Simply use it in place of the original weighing pan of the balance. Its individually adjustable angle always ensures ergonomic work during filling processes or when using pipettes to transfer samples into various containers. Q-Stat At the touch of a button, the Q-Stat ionizer integrated into the DI draft shield can quickly dissipate electrostatic charges which would...

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Q-Level. The Automatic, Motorized Leveling Function Has Exact leveling of a lab balance is the key element in inspection equipment monitoring and is essential for reliable readings. This is where Q-Level can provide valuable support, because users can define which tasks they will perform themselves and which the balance should carry out on its own. This is possible regardless of which of the three display | control units is chosen. Cubis® is the first lab balance that automatically checks, performs and documents its exact leveling. The Cubis® balance can be leveled with the push of a button...

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Now Become a Standard Feature*

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for Unlimited Communication Web Communication Web services offer a new communication platform that allows external software systems to directly show and use information, entry fields, menus, or complex operations on the touch screen of the MSA display and control unit. This eliminates the need to install PCs, laptops, or terminals in the area directly around the balance. Ready to Use in Seconds All data, such as the user’s master data or tasks, can be transferred easily and safely from one Cubis® to another using an SD card (not on the MSE). The time needed for configuration, especially...

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Draft Shield Draft Shield All draft shield models for the Cubis® offer obvious, practical advantages over conventional lab balances. Despite their high mechanical stability, the draft shields of the Cubis® run very smoothly due to their new materials. They allow outstanding visibility over the entire weighing chamber and protect it against external impact factors. No Compromises in Cleaning Cubis® is well-protected against fluid spillage. The weighing pan and the floor of the draft shield are made of high-grade stainless steel. Easily and quickly removable. In seconds, the balance is again...

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