fill-it Consumables, Accessories and Tube Compatibility Guide - 8 Pages

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fill-it Consumables, Accessories and Tube Compatibility Guide

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Consumables and Accessories for the fill-it System This brochure lists the consumables currently available for the fill-it system. To order consumables please contact your local office, details on the back cover of this or email A full list is available online at fill-it Tube Sets 4-Way tube set Part number: A-0029 Peroxide cured silicone tube set for use on 24-way system 1235 mm ± 20 mm - PEROXIDE-CURED SILICONE TUBING 1000 mm ± 10 mm) DELRIN CLAMP BLOCK DELRIN NEEDLE BLOCK OO.68 MM BORE STAINLESS STEEL NOZZLE V8 (48-Way) tube set Part...

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Tube Set specifications Available in three versions: −−4-way tube sets compatible with conventional cryovials held in TAP supplied 24-way racks Construction enables aseptic dispensing within GMP environments: Supplied sterile and manufactured from pyrogen and Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) and Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) free materials, meeting USP class VI and FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 classifications Supplied with a certificate of conformity for GMP validation −−V8-way tube sets compatible with cryovials supplied in pre-assembled 48-way racks Double bagged packaging...

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fill-it Priming Tubs 24-way priming tub, stainless steel Part no. 001-F1138-B 48-way and 96-way priming tub, stainless steel Part no. 001-F1135-C Rack Nest Spacer Rack Nest Spacer to accommodate 96-way Matrix LV200 tube racks (3748) 200 Part no. 063-0D93 Note: This requires 100 pL minimum dispensing option fill-It Dispensing Pots Large dispensing pot, 1.5 L Part no. 650-G203-C Glass Dispensing pot suitable for GMP laboratories Small dispensing pot, 650 mL Part no. 650-G202-C Glass GMP Dispensing pot suitable for GMP laboratories Handling Devices Mini-stacker trolley Part no. M-2086 For safe...

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24-way Rack, Nunc, Coming, Greiner cryovials 1 - 2mL Part no. 063-0C16 24-way Rack, Nunc, Corning, Greiner cryovials 4 - 5mL Part no. 063-0C15 24-way Rack, Nalgene cryovials 1 mL Part no. 063-0C19 24-way Rack, Nalgene cryovials 1.5 mL Part no. 063-0C14

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(and equivalents) Nunc: 48-way rack system External thread Internal thread 1.8 mL:    347627, 375418 (with writing area) 4.5 mL:    347643, 337516 (with writing area) Internal thread Matrix: 96-way rack system Internal thread 0.5 mL:    3744 (Gre, Yel, Blu, Red, Whi, Purp) * round bottom and with writing area Greiner Bio-One: Loose tubes for 24-way systems External thread (with writing area) (with writing area) Internal thread (with writing area) (with writing area) Nalgene: Loose tubes for 24-way systems External thread

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For further contacts, visit Europe America Germany Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH August-Spindler-Strasse 11 37079 Goettingen Phone +49.551.308.0 Fax +49.551.308.3289 Sartorius Stedim Systems GmbH Robert-Bosch-Strasse 5 - 7 34302 Guxhagen Phone +49.5665.407.0 Fax +49.5665.407.2200 France Sartorius Stedim FMT S.A.S. ZI des Paluds Avenue de Jouques - CS 91051 13781 Aubagne Cedex Phone +33.442.845600 Fax +33.442.845619 Sartorius Stedim France SAS ZI des Paluds Avenue de Jouques - CS 71058 13781 Aubagne Cedex Phone +33.442.845600 Fax +33.442.846545 Austria Sartorius...

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