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FSP12K - Speedcal

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Testing unit for mult channel pipettes

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Do you need to calibrate the accuracy of your multi-channel piston-operated pipettes ... ... as a producer to certify conformity and to satisfy quality control requirements? is SpeedCal, the testing unit for piston-operated pipettes with up to 12 channels. ... to meet the demands for regular checking of equipment in certified laboratories? ... to meet the guidelines of the General Council for medical laboratories? ... to obtain certification as a repair and calibration service? ... for external inspection by metrology institutes of manufacturers’ equipment? Then you are informed that ......

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SpeedCal - user benefits at a glance • The test is performed gravimetrically • The individual channels are tested • The complete testing process takes about • The measuring process take place automatically, except for pipetting. • The integrated evaporation trap ensures values of the highest precision. • The computer records the weight measure- ments, calculates the pipetted volumes and immediately generates a report containing individual and mean values as well as the standard deviation. • The weigh cells are tared automatically after the measured values have been • The integrated...

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Technical specifications of SpeedCal Features SpeedCal with rack: (height + width + depth); weight Electrical data Operating voltage Sartorius AG Mr. Wilfried Langner Weender Landstrasse 94–108 37075 Goettingen, Germany Phone +49.551.308.3964 Fax +49.551.308.3495 wilfried.langner@sartorius.com Application Multi-channel piston-operated pipettes nominal volume: 10 µl – 1.2 ml Optional: supplementary equipment for singlechannel pipettes Weigh cells Tare range Repeatability (i.e. standard deviation) Response time (average) Sensitivity to temperature drift Warm-up time At cold start approx. one...

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