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Liquid Filter Housing

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Standard Filter Housings Filter Cartridge Housings for the Biopharmaceutical Industry turning science into solutions

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Sartorius Stedim Biotech at a glance The Sartorius Stedim Biotech Group is an internationally leading laboratory and process technology provider covering the segments of biotechnology and mechatronics. In 2008, the technology group earned sales revenue of 609,8 million euros. The Goettingen-based company founded in 1870 currently employs approximately 3,600 persons. Its biotechnology segment focuses on filtration and purification products as well as fermenters and bioreactors. The mechatronics segment manufactures, in particular, equipment and systems, which feature weighing, measurement...

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Introduction There has been, and is, an increasing demand for quality filter cartridge systems for sterilizing and polishing filtration processes. An emphasis has been placed on the integrity of construction of the filter cartridges. However, the filter cartridge housing is just as an important part of any filtration system. Without a proper housing the cartridge is useless. Even the best filter cartridge cannot do the job if enclosed in a housing that allows fluid to bypass the filter, has external leaks, are not chemically or mechanically compatible with the application. Quality gas or...

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Standard filter housings that meet your needs Features – Hygienic, dead space-free design – All product-contact surfaces are electropolished with a surface finish of Ra < 0.5 µm (< 19.6 microinch) – Clamps, flanges and threaded couplings are TÜV-tested (German Association for Technical Inspection and Safety) – Minimal pressure losses thanks to optimized flow patterns – High-grade stainless steel 316 L construction – Options for connecting test and analytical devices – Condensate run-off valves on compressed gas housings – Approved according to Atex EX II 2 G D c – Optimized low hold-up...

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Sartorius Stedim Biotech utilizes a unique filter cup design that is conducive to allow a thorough and easy cleaning. The raised filter cup design eliminates small grooves and tight spaces that might be dif- ficult to clean while still permitting free complete drainage of the filter Sartorius Stedim Biotech offers the widest range of housing sizes and design options to exactly match your flow rate, pressure differential and hold-up volume requirements. Connections are available in many styles and sizes. Custom designs and unique configurations are available upon request. Sartorius Stedim...

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Reliable quality that fulfills your requirements Focused Quality - Filter Cartridge Housings Sartnrius Stedim Biotech standard filter housings meet the highest tical industry. Controlled produc- tion engineering isa guarantee for nutstanding quality in processing and operational safety. All filter cartridge housings comply with Pressure Equipment Directive FED feature GMP-compliant designs and FDAlUSP Class VI approved gasket materials. Meticulously processed surfaces ensure operational safety wherever sterility and dea liability documents are available for every filter cartridge housing....

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Only 316L Stairless steel is used for all wetted surfaces to provide ir ax i m urn durability. Supplii d O-rings am gaskets aie compounded only from FDA approved malcriáis il-at IIIITI I hu requirements for el i ice. I contaci w Hi r'uuü sud biopharmaccuiical products. Quality Surface Finishes All Sartorius Slcdini Bio:cch Saoilarv 'luusinys cumc standard with internal finishes of at least 0.5 micron Ra [19.6 microinch) and are electropolishcn. > lectropnlisnhig ren-oves surface impurities in stai'lless steel lel'I over from the machi'iny and the finishing pruc- pnss lile S'uncus of e, i...

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Off-the-Shelf Products - Mini Housings Houiiriji dei ijried in aecordiance with the European Council Pres- sure Equipment Directive (PED based on Fluid Group 1 (dangerous) including steam. Pharma vent valve Pharma drain valve Installation dimena l-style liquid housing Installation dimension,

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Off-the-Shelf Products – 1 Round Single Housings Order code: 7S11LEN00147 10“ 7S12LEN00147 20“ T-style pressure liquid housing Pharma vent valve Pharma drain valve (inlet) Adapter 25 (Double bayonet) Cartridge height 10“ and 20“ In- and outlet TC 50.5 mm (1.5“) Tube dimension ISO1127 33.7+2.0 mm (1“) Installation dimension, face to face 243 mm (9.57“) Order code: 7S11LEN00091 T-style pressure liquid housing Pharma vent valve|gauge port TC 50.5 (1.5“) Adapter 25 (Double bayonet) Cartridge height 10“ In- and outlet TC 50.5 mm (1.5“) Tube dimension ASMEBPE 25.4+1.65 mm (1“) Installation...

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Sales and Service Contacts For further contacts, visit America Asia |Pacific China Sartorius Stedim Beijing Representative Office No. 33, Yu’an Road, Airport Industrial Zone B, Shunyi District Beijing 101300 Germany Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH August-Spindler-Strasse 11 37079 Goettingen Austria Sartorius Stedim Austria GmbH Franzosengraben 12 A-1030 Vienna USA Sartorius Stedim North America Inc. 5 Orville Drive Bohemia, NY 11716 Phone +49.551.308.0 Fax +49.551.308.3289 Phone +43.1.7965763.18 Fax +43.1.796576344 Toll-Free +1.800.368.7178 Fax +1.631.254.4253 Belgium...

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