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New Sterisart® Universal Pump

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Sterisart® Universal Pump Specifications 70–650 ml/min Power requirements Power consumption Sterility Testing Pump flow rate Dimensions Pump approx. 336 +  260 + 210 mm (with lever) (W + D + H) Pump with holding ring for bottles, container The Sterisart® Universal Pump is a peristaltic pump made of stainless steel, equipped with appropriate holders for attaching a closed sterility test system and a sample container. The pump draws liquid from the sample container into the specially designed double tubing and distributes the liquid equally to both sample containers of the sterility test system. The sample is rinsed in the same way. After the nutrient media are added, the sample containers are incubated for the predefined time under the conditions specified and evaluated. The Sterisart® Universal Pump is available in two versions: as basic version 16419 and as an upgraded version 16420 with display and user software. The pump can be used in clean rooms, integrated into clean benches, or installed countersunk in the working surface of isolators. Its low, compact design has a space-saving footprint – a great benefit for most clean room benchtops and isolators. Additional Features and Benefits – nhanced safety due to the closed system E without ventilation – Robust stainless steel housing – Compact and ergonomic construction – Modular design – ump available with special software P (operator-guided menus; all process steps can be logged; barcode scanning) Weight Basic version 16419 Upgraded version 16420 with display and user software approx. 440 +  365 + 485 mm (W + D + H) approx. 13.5 kg approx. 14.6 kg Materials Base plate, lever, bow, rotor Housing, connection Stainless steel: port, housing control AISI 316 (1.4401) unit, stand, fastening arm, holder ring for bottles Display Connecting cable Connector control tarnish chrome unit Connector grommet TPE Container, lever cover PET Seals, gaskets, adhesive Silicone

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Ordering Information for Sterisart® Universal Pump 16419 Sterisart® Universal pump, basic version 16420 Sterisart® Universal pump, extended version with display and user software 16973 Ampoule tongs Holding ring for bottles Drain tubing Ampoule breaker Foot switch Plastic sleeve for lever Separate control unit Extension cable control unit Clamp for control unit Serial cable Cover for draining container (Sterisart® Sterility Test Units) Cover for draining container (Competitor Sterility Test Units) 1ZG---0014 Adapter for Sterisart® container for draining for use with competitor pump...

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