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NucleoCounter® NC-250?

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NucleoCounter® NC-250™ How healthy are your cells? It’s VITAL to know! Product Information Performing multiple determinations of viability and cell count is fast and easy on the NucleoCounter® NC-250™. Carry out 8 samples in one run. Just prepare your cell suspensions by adding the staining solution containing fluorescent dyes, load the 8 cell samples into one slide and press run! In addition, the NucleoCounter® NC-250™ provides fast and easy assaying of cell cycle profiles with high precision. All you need is to incubate your cells for 5 minutes with a mixture of lysis buffer and staining solution, followed by addition of neutralization buffer, load a slide and press run. Principle The NucleoCounter® NC-250™ is an integrated fluorescence microscope with dual fluorescence channels designed to detect signals from cells stained with fluorescent dyes. Furthermore, you can measure cell health by our quick and reliable apoptosis assay. VitaBright-48 stain instantly becomes fluorescent when it binds to thiols inside cells. The level of thiols is a direct measurement of cell health. A reduction in the thiol levels in a cell is a documented event in apoptosis. Key Benefits – viability and cell counts in less than 3 minutes 8 – otal cell count T – Viability – ell diameter C – of aggregated cells % The NucleoCounter® NC-250™ is a compact benchtop instrument which fits perfectly into any cell laboratory performing research, quality control or monitoring of production. – p to 8 advanced analysis in one run U – ast and high precision cell cycle analysis F – ell health determination with a fast apoptosis assay C – ast and easy operation F – xcellent reproducibility E – o calibration N – aintenance and service free M – lexible software package F – 1 CFR Part 11 ready 2 Cell Counting

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Assay Viability and Cell Count Assay Vitality Assay – Mix cell sample with Solution 18, load the slide and press run. – n 3 minutes, get 8 results with total cell count, viability, I cell diameter and percentage of aggregated cells. – dd Solution 6 to your sample, immediately load the slide A and press run. – In 4 minutes, get 8 apoptosis measurements. Cell Cycle Assay – ncubate cell sample for 5 minutes at 37°C with a mixture I of Solution 10 and 12, neutralize by adding Solution 11, load slide and press run. – n 4 minutes, get 8 high precision cell cycle profiles. I Technical...

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