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Picus® & Picus® NxT Electronic Pipettes

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Picus® & Picus® NxT Electronic Pipettes The Most Sophisticated and Ergonomic Pipettes Ever! Technical Specifications Electronic Pipettes Rechargeable battery Charging time Charger Weight Length Number of pipetting cycles Volume range Introduction Laboratory work often requires repetition of similar pipetting steps, day after day. This may cause strain on the hand and arm, and thus may compromise results. To minimize this risk, a highly ergonomic electronic pipette should be used for minimum effort and strain. Description Sartorius Picus® & Picus® NxT are the most sophisticated and ergonomic electronic pipettes on the market. These exceptionally compact and lightweight pipettes have been specially designed to ease the user’s workload and to protect the user from repetitive strain injury (RSI). The newest technology and fully electronic operation assure high accuracy and precision of the results, independent of the user. Picus® NxT provides distinct advantages for highly regulated laboratories. Features Picus® & Picus® NxT −Highest level of ergonomics provided by − uniquely low weight, light electronic tip ejection and comfortable handle design −Extensive range of pipetting modes reduces − the needed pipetting steps and speeds up work −Electronic brake and piston control − system provide outstanding accuracy and repeatability of pipetting results, independent of the user −Intuitive user interface in five language − options: English, French, German, Russian and Chinese, enables ease of use −Adjustment wheel offers extremely fast − volume setting and menu navigation −Optiload enables perfect tip sealing for − accurate delivery from each channel −Safe-Cone Filters prevent the risk of − contamination cost-effectively −Microwell plate tracker guides the user to − pipette into correct wells −Calibration adjustment in 1, 2 or 3 points − Picus® NxT −Certificate of accredited 3-point calibration − delivered with the product at no extra charge −RFID-enabled to support asset management − −Password protection for stored programs to − prevent unauthorized changes (optional) −Repeated blow-out helps to dispense the − last droplets of e.g. viscous liquids Applications −PCR and other DNA/RNA techniques − −ELISA − −Protein analysis − −Cell culture − Intended use Fully electronic liquid handling in the volume range of 0,2 µl to 10 ml. Li-Polymer with protection circuit Approx. 1 hour Universal charger with EU, US | JPN, UK, CHN, AUS and KOR plugs 100 g (1-ch, 300 µl) 160 g (8-ch, 300 µl) 210 mm (1-ch, 300 µl) 216 mm (8-ch, 300 µl) >1000 1-ch: 0,2-10 000 µl 8- & 12-ch: 0,2-1200 µl Pipetting modes Picus®: 8 + 5 Picus® NxT: 8 + 6 DC-motor concept Electronic piston control Electronic brake Memory places 10 Electronic Tip ejection Spring loaded tip Optiload feature in cones multichannel models Filters Safe-Cone Filters in all models >10 µl Autoclavable lower 121°C, 20 min, 1 bar parts* RFID-enabled Picus® NxT Charching Stands, Charching Stand for 1 available pipette, Charching separately Carousel for 4 pipettes Warranty 2 years, possibility for 1 year extended warranty *Excluding 1200 µl multichannel models Pipetting Modes Pipetting Reverse Pipetting Manual Pipetting Multi Dispensing Diluting Sequential Dispensing Multi Aspiration Titrate Additional Modes Tracker, Mixing, Counter, Repeated Blow-out* Tracker, Counter, Excess Volume Adjustment Repeated Blow-out* Tracker, Excess Volume Adjustment, Auto Dispensing Mixing, Repeated Blowout* Excess Volume Adjustment Repeated Blow-out* *Additional mode Repeated Blow-out is only available in Picus® NxT models

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Ordering Information Picus® Picus® NxT „, , Volume Increment ., , Order Code Order Code Safe-Cone Filters: Standard Plus Filter Tips* "Low Retention Tips are available in volumes up to 1200 ul All pipettes include universal charger (EU, UK, US | JPN, ALJS and CHN plugs) Sartorius Biohit Liquid Handling Oy Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH £t Co. KG Specifications subject to change without notice Sartorius Biohit figuid Handling Oy

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