Process Analyzer BioPAT® Spectro PMD500-Series - 2 Pages

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Process Analyzer BioPAT®  Spectro PMD500-Series

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sartoriusstedim biotech Process analyzer for Bioprocesses Product profile Monitoring the process values during biotechnological fermentations is of high importance for maintaining a high efficiency and quality of a bioprocess. For some variables, such as pH-value or the concentration of dissolved oxygen, commercial sensor systems for real time monitoring are available. Optimizing and ensuring a high efficiency of a bioprocess also requires monitoring and controlling of other variables like a glucose consumption and the production of lactate. This can be achieved by different offline analyses. In this case one has to accept that the offline analysis has a long reaction time and for this reason only offers a limited process control. Much better suited technologies can be used directly in the fermenter. They will give a direct real-time feedback of the process variables which will lead to a full process control and ease the process understanding. The use of process trajectories allows the control of a batch by comparing it to a golden batch. This enables real-time information out of the running process. Therefore process analyzers are indispensable tools within the PAT framework for monitoring critical process parameters. NIR spectroscopy enables multiparametric, non-invasive measurements of substrates, metabolites and products. NIR spectra contain a large variety of information of different process characteristics. Batch trajectories combine all those pieces of information to a fingerprint of the process. A perfect process or "golden batch" trajectory can be defined which allows an easy quality estimation of future batches in real time. This powerful tool allows a guided sampling and helps to save batches by automatic alarm modes. The BioPAT® Spectro is a specially designed NIR system which can be connected to a fermenter | bioreactor through a standard Ingold® port. Being completely free of fibers it is able to stand a CIP | SIP process. Process Analyzer: - Fast and non-invasive measurement - Inline control of biotechnological processes - Monitoring of cell viability, cell growth, nutrients and metabolites - Fingerprinting analysis for quality control of media - Process trajectories for the comparison of batches - Faster feed back and control compared to offline analysis - Large free aperture results in superior S | N-ratio - Insensitive to mechanical and thermal stress (CIP | SIP) - Automatic detection of window fouling - Automatic model calibration - Easy-to-use software Advantages The BioPAT Spectro enables multiparametric, non-invasive measurements of substrates, metabolites, cell parameters and products. Moreover, a tool box for qualitative process control including batch trajectories or end point determination is available. The NIR system is specially designed to be connected to a standard Ingold port of any fermenter | bioreactor. Being completely free of fibers, the BioPAT Spectro is a robust spectrometer with a superior S | N-ratio and is able to stand CIP | SIP procedures. The direct integration of the BioPAT® Spectro in the fermentation system leads to the advantage of getting a real-time feedback of the process status inside even if no sampling can be done. Therefore the routine work during a long lasting fermentation process can be reduced and even the control at night shifts will become easier. The comparison of each batch to a golden batch by means of process trajectories eases the quality control as one now has the full documentation of the process showing deviations to older batches. This functionality also allows the setting of automatic alarms signal telling the user to intervene as necessary faster than by mean

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Technical data All - Dimensions (W x D x H) 220 x220 x135 mm - Weight 8 kg - Operating temperature range -10 ... +40°C - Humidity Highest relative humidity < 90%, non-condensing - Vibrations 0.2 G at 0.1-150 Hz - Light source type tungsten halogen light sources - Life time MTBF > 18,000 h Interfaces - Interfaces - RS-232 - RS-422 up to 2 km - Modbus, Profibus - Ethernet - Others on request - Measuring time - 10 ms, typical - Optical measuring surface - d = 20 mm - Detector type (spectrometer) - Diode array - Special feature(s) - Automatic referencing black | white comparison - Special 25 mm...

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