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Strain Banking System

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An Automated Benchtop System for Filling Screw-Cap Cryovials in GMP Laboratories fill-it decaps cryovials held in racks and then dispenses cell suspensions or other liquids before recapping. It is suitable for suspensions of mammalian, insect and microbial cells as well as other biological and non-biological liquids from bulk stocks. fill-it fits inside a standard biosafety cabinet and is ideal for automated preparation for cell banks, reference standards and other applications requiring aseptic performance and GMP compliance. fill-it creates cell banks of higher quality, consistency and...

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fill-it System Combines Proven Decap | Recap Modules with Aseptic Liquid Handling Single-use disposable tube sets fill-it uses a disposable, single-use, sterile tube set for all the product contact areas. Different tube set configurations are available for the three rack formats. 4-way for the 24 tube racks, ‘V’8 way for the 48 tube racks and 8-way for the 96 tube racks. Dispense module Automated carriage to move the racks of tubes between the decapping | recapping unit and the peristaltic pump. Rack transfer unit Moves the rack of screw-cap cryovials between the dispensing module and the...

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User interface Simple 3 button user interface controls all system parameters and set-up menus. Fits within biological safety cabinet System fits within standard biological safety cabinet which allows aseptic cryovial processing to take place easily and in accordance with GMP protocols. Decap | recap module Removes and retains the screw-caps from the cryovials. After fiilling, recaps the vials to recommended torque setting to ensure precise sealing. Tube racks | spacers Hold tubes in place at the correct height to allow processing of a range of different brands and sizes pre-racked; or loose...

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fill-it removes all caps simultaneously and dispenses into multiple cryovials in parallel. Functions fill-it operation The simple 3 button interface enables users to control the dispense volume and dispense speed, plus specific functions such as: - System prime and deprime - Decap - dispense - recap - Dispense only - Decap only or recap only (ie for manual processing offline). fill-it compatible tube types fill-it has the flexibility to work with a large range of branded screw-cap cryovials from leading suppliers such as: - Corning - Greiner - Matrix - Nalgene - Nunc fill-it accessories...

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Applications fill-it is a valuable tool for a variety of biologics applications - Preparation of master and working cell banks for GMP applications - Preparation of reference standards – monoclonal antibodies, other protein therapeutics and vaccines - Cell banks for drug discovery research – assay development, screening, lead optimization, and basic research - Strain banks for biopharma process development and R&D - Strain banks for food industry, industrial biotech, and biofuels.

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For further contacts, visit Europe America Germany Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH August-Spindler-Strasse 11 37079 Goettingen Phone +49.551.308.0 Fax +49.551.308.3289 Sartorius Stedim Systems GmbH Robert-Bosch-Strasse 5 - 7 34302 Guxhagen Phone +49.5665.407.0 Fax +49.5665.407.2200 France Sartorius Stedim FMT S.A.S. ZI des Paluds Avenue de Jouques - CS 91051 13781 Aubagne Cedex Phone +33.442.845600 Fax +33.442.845619 Sartorius Stedim France SAS ZI des Paluds Avenue de Jouques - CS 71058 13781 Aubagne Cedex Phone +33.442.845600 Fax +33.442.846545 Austria Sartorius...

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