TapCaps. Disposable Water Filter For Use in Hospitals - 2 Pages

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TapCaps. Disposable Water Filter For Use in Hospitals

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Disposable Water Filter For Use in Hospitals Description TapCaps have been designed for removal of Legionella which are often contaminants in hospital water supplies and cause nosocomial infections. TapCaps provide water free of such contaminants for topical use, patient care and infection control procedures. TapCaps are provided sterile and are ready for use. Applications TapCaps provide instantaneous protection of patients in hospitals. They avoid nosocomial infections for immunocompressed patients, neonates, elderly and all other patients in hospitals. They provide safe water for infection control procedures. Typical applications are: – Hand washing – Bathing and Showering – Tooth brushing and oral care – Rinsing of medical instruments, such as endoscopes Microbiological Security TapCaps are extensively qualified by a specialized independent institute for retention of Legionella for up to 14 days. Furthermore TapCaps provide a sterile filtrate when challenged with Brevundimonas diminuta at a challenge level of 107 CFU/cm2 filtration area for up to 14 days. Thus an infection in a hospital due to contaminated water can be avoided. Easy to Use TapCaps are supplied sterile for highest security and immediate use. They are available with two different quick connector inlets for easy installation in just one step. The outlet of the TapCaps is covered by a protective cap to avoid any contamination of the outlet during installation. After installation the protective cap can be removed easily. User Safety and Convenience The length of the TapCaps has been minimized in order to provide a maximum distance between the outlet of the capsule and the bathtub to avoid retrograde contamination and assure easy hand washing. Quality Control Each individual element is tested for integrity during production and prior to release assuring absolute reliability. Documentation TapCaps are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System. They are classified as sterile medical device according to class II a medical certification.

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Technical Data Membrane Rating Maximum Operating Pressure Nominal Operating Pressure Maximum Lifetime Inlet Connectors CPC (Code E) Quick Coupling (Code P) Outlet Connecotrs Shower Head (Code Q) 1” Thread (Code Z) CPC Inlet Connector (Code E) Quick connect Inlet Connector (Code P) Shower Head Outlet (Code Q) 1" Threaded Outlet (Code Z) Compliance – Sterile medical device certified according to Class IIa – Individually integrity tested – Qualified for retention of Legionella for 14 days – Qualified for retention of Brevundiomonas diminuta for 14 days – All materials of construction pass USP...

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