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Vivapure® — Ion Exchange Chromatography Products

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Vivapure® Ion Exchange Protein Purification Products The unique Sartobind membrane adsorber matrix Sartobind IEX membrane adsorbers are based on stabilized regenerated cellulose and display a microporous structure with a pore size of > 3 μm, which is orders of magnitude larger than conventional chromatographic gel materials. This allows molecules to be transported to the ligands immobilized on the membrane adsorber by convective flow, leading to very high flow rates. Chromatography gel beads (right) are shown on top of a membrane adsorber in this SEM picture. The membrane adsorber pores are...

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Binding capacities: 1-4 mg    Binding capacities: 15-80 mg Sulphonic acid (S)    Strong acidic cation exchanger: R-CH2-SO3-Na+ Quaternary ammonium (Q)    Strong basic anion exchanger:    R-CH2-N+-(CH3)3Cl- Diethylamine (D)    Weak basic anion exchanger:    R-CH2-NH+-(CH2H5)2 Vivapure Mini Spin Columns    - Sample fractionation - Purification condition scouting - Small scale purification Vivapure Maxi Spin Columns    - Large scale sample fractionation - One step protein purification! concentration - Polishing of his-tagged protein

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Vivapure® advantages Fast and simple to use – Devices are ready to use – no column packing – Fractionation of protein mixtures prior to 2D-PAGE – Make protein purification as simple as filtration Reproducible results – Membrane adsorber columns cannot crack or run dry – Membrane adsorber columns are highly reproducible to manufacture Centrifugal devices – Offer the possibility of working in parallel Low bed volume – Small membrane adsorber bed volumes allow working with lower buffer amounts, leading to concentrated elution fractions Up-scalable product range – Process scale modules are...

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Device    Protein binding Max. volume per centrifuge run using a swing-out rotor (ml) 0.4 19 Max. volume per centrifuge using a fixed angle rotor run (ml) 10.5 * Actual yields depend on specific protein sample and selected pH and salt conditions. Yields established using 1 mg/ml BSA in 25 mM Tris/HCL pH 8.0 with Vivapure Q & D spin columns and 1 mg/ml cytochrome c in 25 mM sodium acetate buffer pH 5.5 with Vivapure® S & C spin columns. Capacities and dimensions Device    Bed Volume (pl)    Membrane    Area    (cm2) Membrane Adsorber Nominal pore size    3-5 pm (Large pore size prevents gel...

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1. Fractionation of complex protein lysates with IEX-membrane spin columns improves resolution of 2-D PAGE. Perkin Elmer, Boston (USA) Mary Lopez et al., American Biotechnology|Laboratory 2. A fast and simple protocol for finding out the optimal purification conditions (purification scouting) of an unknown protein, using different buffers and IEX spin column chemistries in parallel. Vivascience, Hanover, Germany C. Neumann et. Al. 3. A simple, fast and reliable method using Vivapure Q Mini for removing highly charged contaminant from samples prior to 2D-PAGE e.g. proteoglycanes from...

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For further contacts, visit Europe America Asia | Pacific Germany Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH August-Spindler-Strasse 11 37079 Goettingen Phone +49.551.308.0 Fax +49.551.308.3289 Denmark Sartorius Stedim Nordic A/S Hoerskaetten 6D, 1. DK-2630 Taastrup Phone +45.7023.4400 Fax +45.4630.4030 USA Sartorius Stedim North America Inc. 5 Orville Drive Bohemia, NY 11716 Toll-Free +1.800.368.7178 Fax +1.631.254.4253 Australia Sartorius Stedim Australia Pty. Ltd. Unit 5, 7-11 Rodeo Drive Dandenong South Vic 3175 Phone +61.3.8762.1800 Fax...

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