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General Information Contents Major Uses for Ultrafiltration 4 Process Alternatives 5 Membrane Characteristics 6 Membrane Selection 7 Protein Concentration 8 10 12 15 18 20 22 24 26 29 Vivapure® mini & maxiprep Purification Kits Vivapure® mini|maxiprep Protein A & G Spin Columns Vivapure® mini|maxiprep MC Spin Columns 59 60 62 Vivapure Anti-HSA/IgG Kits 64 Vivapure C18 65 Virus Purification and Concentration 73 Vivapure® LentiSELECT 40 74 43 Vivapure® LentiSELECT 500 75 45 Vivapure® 76 DNA Concentration LentiSELECT 1000 Application Notes 47 50 77 1. Desalting and Buffer Exchange with...

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General Information Major uses for ultrafiltration Ultrafiltration is a convective process that uses anisotropic semi-permeable membranes to separate macromolecular species and solvents primarily on the basis of size. It is particularly appropriate for the concentration of macromolecules and can also be used to purify molecular species or for solvent exchange. Ultrafiltration is a gentle, non denaturing method that is more efficient and flexible than alternative processes. Solute concentration Ultrafiltration membranes are used to increase the solute concentration of a desired biological...

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Process alternatives Sartorius Stedim Biotech offers a comprehensive range of process alternatives for the filtration and concentration of biological samples. Below is a guide to selecting the most suitable filtration method, depending on sample volume, equipment available, filtration speed and process control desired.

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General Information Membrane performance characteristics Sartorius Stedim Biotech offers an extended range of membranes to cover the great majority of ultrafiltration requirements. The following is a guide to selecting the most appropriate membranes according to their typical performance characteristics. Please note however, that membrane behaviour and ultimate performance, largely depends on the specific characteristics of the solution being processed. Sartorius Stedim Biotech recommends that users experiment with alternative membranes in order to optimise their process performance....

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General Information Membrane selection guide Whilst the relative adsorption will be proportionately less important than on the membrane, due to the higher total surface area, this can be the major source of yield loss. The advanced designs and low adsorption materials that characterise Sartorius Stedim Biotech products, offer a unique combination of faster processing speeds and higher recovery of the concentrated sample. Providing that the appropriate device size and membrane cut-off is selected, Sartorius Stedim Biotech products will typically yield recoveries of the concentrated sample in...

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Vivaspin 500 Protein Concentration 100 μl to 500 μl samples Vivaspin 500 μl centrifugal filter units offer a simple, one step procedure for sample preparation. They can effectively be used in a fixed angle rotors accepting 2.2 ml centrifuge tubes. The patented vertical membrane design and thin channel filtration chamber (US 5,647,990), minimises membrane fouling and provides high speed concentrations, even with particle laden solutions. Technical specifications Vivaspin 500 Concentrator capacity Swing bucket rotor Fixed angle rotor do not use 500 μl Dimensions Total length Width Active...

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24-Well Ultrafiltration Frame Safe and fast protein concentration in high throughput format Protein Concentration The unique and reusable 24-well is designed to be fitted with up to 24 individual Vivaspin 500 ultrafiltration devices. The vertical membrane design and built in dead stop pocket inherent to all Vivaspin devices allow fast and safe high throughput concentration of 24 samples per plate. The 24-well ultrafiltration frame and the supplied collection plates can effectively be used in a swing-out rotor for stacked deep well plates. Vivaspin 500-HT Vivaspin 500-HT centrifugal...

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Ordering information Prod. no. 24-well ultrafiltration frame (includes 2 collection plate) 2 VW24HT051 24-well filtrate collection plate 12 VW24PS0212 Vivaspin 500 High Throughput (HT) Polyethersulfone (includes 120 cap strips) 10,000 MWCO 30,000 MWCO 480 480 VS01HT01 VS01HT21 Protein Concentration Pack size 11

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Vivaspin 2 Choice of membranes Protein Concentration 0.4–2 ml samples The Vivaspin 2 bridges the gap between the 500 μl and 4 ml centrifugal concentrators. This device combines the speed of the classic Vivaspin products with low internal surface and membrane area for superior recoveries from very dilute solutions. 17 Also unique to the Vivaspin 2, is the choice of directly pipetting the concentrate from the dead stop pocket built into the bottom of the concentrator, or alternatively reverse spinning into the concentrate recovery cap which can then be sealed for storage. Both methods result...

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Performance characteristics Time to concentrate up to 30x [min.] at 20˚C and solute recovery % Fixed angle Centrifugal force 5,000 g Start volume 2 ml Min. Rec. Aprotinin 0.25 mg/ml (6,500 MW) 3,000 MWCO PES 50 96% BSA 1.0 mg/ml (66,000 MW) 5,000 MWCO PES 5,000 MWCO CTA 5,000 MWCO Hydrosart 10,000 MWCO PES 10,000 MWCO CTA 10,000 MWCO Hydrosart 20,000 MWCO CTA 30,000 MWCO PES 30,000 MWCO Hydrosart 12 50 22 8 10 12 5 8 5 98% 96% 98% 98% 96% 98% 96% 97% 97% IgG 0.25 mg/ml (160,000 MW) 20,000 MWCO CTA 30,000 MWCO PES 50,000 MWCO PES 100,000 MWCO PES 6 10 10 8 Protein Concentration Rotor 97% 96%...

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Ordering information Pack size Prod. no. 3,000 MWCO 25 VS0291 3,000 MWCO 100 VS0292 5,000 MWCO 25 VS0211 5,000 MWCO 100 VS0212 10,000 MWCO 25 VS0201 10,000 MWCO 100 VS0202 30,000 MWCO 25 VS0221 30,000 MWCO 100 VS0222 50,000 MWCO 25 VS0231 50,000 MWCO 100 VS0232 100,000 MWCO 25 VS0241 100,000 MWCO 100 VS0242 300,000 MWCO 25 VS0251 300,000 MWCO 100 VS0252 1,000,000 MWCO Protein Concentration Vivaspin 2 Polyethersulfone 25 VS0261 1,000,000 MWCO VS0262 25 VS0271 0.2 μm 100 VS0272 Starter pack (5 of each 5 k, 10 k, 30 k, 50 k, 100 k) 25 VS02S1 Vivaspin 2 Cellulose triacetate Pack size Prod. no....

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