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Ref. DO MA682 August 1st, 2016- Non contractual document. The manufacturer reserves the right to improve the characteristics and/or features of the presented products. Fauteuil Respicare - 06-2017 EN_Mise en page 1 06/06/17 15:17 Page2 RespiCare ® Spiropraxy Chair ® ve nnovatiory Solutions I t Respira The RespiCare® is a medical device enabling the practice of ventilatory exercises. It is conceived as a preventive health measure and is complementary to a respiratory therapy intervention. The RespiCare® enables the performance of specific exercises that are beneficial to the ventilation development and increases the respiratory consciousness. The inability of the respiratory system to ensure a proper oxygenation of the tissues is often the cause of several lung diseases, as well as muscular, spinal or postural illness. The RespiCare® is a preventive device for all these diseases. It is also a tool used to reinforce the therapy actions in the field of the respiratory disorders and its consequences. Two models of the RespiCare® are available: • For an oxygen free use or with the use of an external oxygen concentrator. • With an integrated oxygen concen

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Fauteuil Respicare - 06-2017 EN_Mise en page 1 06/06/17 15:18 Page3 Therapeutic Indications The RespiCare® provides support in the primary, secondary and tertiary preventions. In the Primary prevention, for the patients at risk, the RespiCare® chair finds its place in the medical or paramedical environment before the illness or decompensation appears. The following fields are the most concerned by the primary prevention: • Stress and anxiety, the most frequent factors of inspiratory muscles spasms. • Smoking, as a complement of the cessation, to improve the management of the induced stress,...

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Fauteuil Respicare - 06-2017 EN_Mise en page 1 06/06/17 15:18 Page4 Innovation and Technology The objective of the RespiCare® chair is to restore and increase the depth of respiration in order to enhance the lung capacity, thus enabling a better gas exchange of the physiological breathing. The active system of the RespiCare® chair impulses progressive thrusts at the spine level. The rhythm of the thrusts and of their strength is adjustable depending on the objectives and desired progress. The patient is installed in a sitting position -reverse trendelenburg- with the weight evenly...

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Using RespiCare® with oxygen The RespiCare® can be used concurrently with an additional oxygen supply. If the oxygen source is an oxygen concentrator, it can be placed next to the RespiCare® and be used as usual following the medical prescription. It enables a greater gas exchange in the pulmonary alveoli. SCALEO® Medical offers a range of portable and stationary concentrators. Pulse mode portable concentrators Inogen G2 and G3 - the quietest and smallest of the market (3,2 Kgs. and 2,3 Kgs.)* *For greater comfort, specialist recommend the use of a oxygen concentrator in pulse mode. Ref. DO...

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