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BIOPLAST® mouthguard - 1

Pressure Moulding Technique BIOPLAST® mouthguard for increased safety in recreational and professional sports

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BIOPLAST® mouthguard - 2

/f Pressure Moulding Technique BIOPLAST® MASTER: • for all recreational sports • proven, two-layer mouth guard for high protection and comfort • many colours and patterns available BIOPLAST® XTREME/DECO: • suited for contact sports, as it protects against hard and concentrated hits • with integrated reinforcement section in the front teeth area • double-layer laminate construction for best protection and comfort BIOPLAST® XTREME PRO: • for professional contact sports with expected concentrated hard hits (impact is distributed across a greater area) • four-layer construction for the best...

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BIOPLAST® mouthguard - 3

BIOPLAST® XTREME/DECO One pressure moulding sheet - two different degrees of hardness! In addition to the two-color material, a new manufacturing technology also enables photorealistic, multi-color designs. BIOPLAST® XTREME PRO This four-layer construction comes with an additional hard-elastic layer for integrated reinforcement in the front tooth area. Lateral segment, coloured, of BIOPLAST® 3.0 mm Shore 80 A Frontal reinforced segment, clear-transparent, of BIOPLAST® XTREME 3.0 mm Shore 92 A Thanks to the V-shape of the plate, by changing the position of the model you can vary the size of...

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BIOPLAST® mouthguard - 4

Finishing Set Assortment containing 8 grinding instruments with colored marking for easy identification – for cutting and finishing soft elastic and hard elastic material. Trimmer and Polisher For optimal trimming and polishing of BIOPLAST® material. BIOPERMTrimmer for finishing the edges. POLYFIX for exposure of frenula. OSAMU-Polisher for final polishing. DIMO®PRO Trimming wheel made of a latex filled abrasive with long working time for BIOPLAST® material, incl. mandrel BIOPLAST®-Insulating agent Insulating agent for plaster models when working with BIOPLAST® material, especially when...

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