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Precision-Fit Mouth Guard First pressure-moulding material with two different degrees of hardness C ➊ onsult with your dentist Most comfortable This custom mouth guard has the perfect fit. During sports, the slight impression worked into the mouth guard stabilises the teeth in the lower jaw. Depending on the types of sports and recreational activities practiced, the dentist will advise you or your child on selecting the optimal mouth guard. Innovative Construction Your braces treatment isn‘t affected, as brackets can be blocked out. Wearing a mouth guard significantly reduces the risk of injury to lips, teeth, jaws, and temporomandibular joint. CETRON cleansing powder, toothbrush and toothpaste are suitable for gentle care. ® The impact is absorbed elastically and distributed with less force over a time delay. Impact absorbing ➌ Producing the mouth guard It is custom-made with precision in the laboratory. It covers the upper row of teeth and has a slight impression for the lower teeth. ➍ Fitting and examination fit will be tested regularly by your The dentist and adjusted as needed on an individual basis. The safe, ideal mouth guard for any application. GB 04/2.000/03/13 G REF 0308.02 Highly effective An impression of the upper jaw is the basis for sports mouth guards.

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Three mouth guard types BIOPLAST® XTREME · ith integrated reinforcement secw tion in the front teeth area · suited for contact sports, as it protects against hard and concentrated hits · double-layer laminate construction for the best protection and comfort BIOPLAST® mouth guards for active sports are custom-made just for you by dental technicians, who work together with your dentist. This guarantees that your personal mouth guard will suit your particular needs for all types of sports. BIOPLAST® MASTER · proven, two-layer mouth guard for the highest degree of protection · for all...

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